Turn your new flat into a home

The pandemic has made us reframe many things about our everyday life that we used to take for granted: needing more space or, conversely, learning to live with less, being close to nature or the need to live near the people who are most important.

Whichever it is, there are many people who have decided to embark upon a new stage in a different place. And, faced with a move and a new space to fill up, lighting plays a fundamental role in turning it into a home.

A cosy ambience

The most important thing is to feel relaxed and comfortable. In the bedroom, the lighting around the bed can accompany you while resting and relaxing, or during the final conversations of the day. The LINK collection, designer lighting in three different finishes, is a good option in either wall light, table lamp or also floor lamp format.

Indeed, floor lamps are a very good option for busier spaces like the living room or hallway. The rattan of the MAMBO collection, for instance, conveys warmth, calm and a nice hot cup of coffee while looking out the window at the cold. Design everywhere

Of course, is it important to not just focus on the main rooms. The whole house can be perfectly lit up while taking into account the design and personal style of the people who live in it. This is why the STAN wall lamps are perfect for general lighting. And if you are even more daring, the MOY wall lamps can turn your bathroom into a true stylish space. And in the kitchen, another family meeting point, we can also find lights that help to light up shared moments. The PAM design can be perfectly incorporated above a countertop and to match the appliances. No corner is forgotten

Lighting will make a space more alive, modern and comfortable, so we must not leave any corner out. If we do not have the option to install lights or have furniture that is difficult to combine, a good option will be portable lights. Not only will you be able to move them and change where you put them whenever you need to, they will also bring light and a lot of character to your home. We love the JELLYFISH and HOSHI collections for their forms and finishes, and they also have portable versions which are charged with a USB cable. Whatever your new house or flat is like, you will surely turn it into the cosy family home you are looking for. A pleasant space, which is a reflection of you and yours, and where the lighting accompanies as you enjoy the home you have created.