Tips to light up a terrace

We follow the advice of our project team, which, like most, is also keen to enjoy the outside of the home whatever its size.

So this time they have looked at the terraces and small balconies and to illuminate us they give us the following tricks:

1. All exterior spaces can be illuminated no matter how big they are and can be used. You only need to find what makes it special.

2. If you do not have much space, you can choose to place lights in the pots with the stakes. At Faro Barcelona we recommend the SETH model, which, when installed with the lighting pointing towards the ground, avoids glare and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

3. Another option for small spaces are rechargeable portable lamps. As they work without cables, you can place and move them according to the space and the need. One example from the Faro Barcelona catalogue is the TAKE AWAY lamp which, as it is not especially for outdoors, you will have to go inside if it starts raining! 4. The bigger the space, the more options you will have. For larger terraces where there is a porch-like space for eating, you can choose the right suspension lamps for the outside. If it’s a windy area, it’s best to install them with a fixed bar. And for the rest of the leisure areas, both suspension and floor lamps are a good solution.

5. In the exterior it is necessary to avoid to use the wall lights that project the light in a direct way. The project team recommends installing recessed signage lights directly on the wall. These project a very tenuous light, can be left on all day because they have a very low consumption, and create a very nice effect also when we see them from the interior.