The warm light of Faro Barcelona in the Taller de Gràcia

Sincro has been the studio in charge of this rehabilitation to turn the premises into one of the shops of the El Taller franchise. In this case the bakery-cafeteria is located in Travessera de Gràcia, Barcelona.

The premises of this franchise feature a Nordic and industrial style, but without losing the warm touch that allows customers to enjoy the environment and the products.

general_el_taller_gracia_faro_barcelona The general lighting of this project is based on the use of recessed lamps but the need to create different environments has led Sincro to use other types of luminaires that, while maintaining the aesthetic, allow to create comfortable spaces that evoke home.

In the tasting area, we find the chairs and the wooden tables, Faro Barcelona’s LED filament bulbs provide a warm and pleasant light that is trimmed on the walls and its sheets of minimalist design.

detalle_bombillas_led_faro Our bulbs are also present in front of the bar, in one of the most modern and fun areas of the place. A wall with black and white wallpaper that is lighted by the warm temperature LED light that contrasts with that casual modernity and more prone to cool colour light brings dynamism to the space.

espai_modern_el_taller The result is a place full of nuances and with several different areas. Using the same tones, its blending gives different results. A relaxed, comfortable cafe that invites tasting and to spend time between its walls.