The good weather is here! Let’s talk about outdoor lighting

The weather is already changing, it seems that the sun is staying and you already want to enjoy the garden or the terrace. During the days of confinement as a measure to contain COVID-19, the Faro Barcelona project team will give you tips to light up every corner of your home. This time we will talk about exterior lighting. To start, we must take into account three basic ideas:

1. The general treatment of garden lighting must follow the same rules as the interior: we illuminate where we need light and we differentiate the lighting in each area by the use we are going to make.

2. Keep in mind that in the garden there will be daylight (natural) and night light. We have to prevent general lighting from being ‘flat’ and over-lighting.

3. 3. The previous point will help us to reduce light pollution and to be able to enjoy the stars and the moonlight.

“A trick: for mid-height light points we recommend indirect or flush-mounted wall lamps to avoid glare”

As we have mentioned in the first point, depending on the area we will need one light or another and to tell you which is the best, we have distributed the garden in three parts as well.

Walking lighting
It is the light from the walkways, for example, that we need to go from one place to another, to illuminate the path to the entrance or to the pool. This light must be signalling, projected or flush to the ground that illuminates only our steps without affecting the rest of the space.

Lighting to see
It is the general lighting, the light we need to do the tasks that each area requires: at the entrance door to the farm, at the barbecue, at the outdoor dining table etc.

Lighting to enjoy
The ‘romantic’ part of the garden. It is the ornamental light that should discreetly illuminate our plants, our trees or some decorative element that we want to highlight. This lighting should create a cosy atmosphere that we can enjoy when we are in the garden, but also indoors.

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