The ETERFAN ceiling fan is the main character of the renovation of Baix Empordà

The ETERFAN ceiling fan presides over the main halls of the renovated Baix Empordà, a work done by Glòria Duran architecture studio. This rustic style home has preserved elements that are reminiscent of its past; however, it features all current technologies, such as, for example, ceiling fans to efficiently cool down the porch and the main hall. just fan-hall These two areas are the ones that provide more life to the place; for that reason, the use of the fan was very well thought. During the summer months, they refresh the halls and, combined with the air conditioning system, save energy and money while helping maintain the ideal temperature. During winter, thanks to their reverse function, they help evenly distribute the hot air from the heaters. The fan of choice for these halls has been the ETERFAN model withou glass, a design by Faro team, minimalistic and modern with a hint of industrial design that fits perfectly with the high ceilings and the exposed-stone walls. just_fan_designed-by-conillas Its body integrates to the ensemble that provides warmth to the area and the transparent blades provide the modern touch that matches the stylized chimney. In the porch, in a central position and presiding over the space, the fan provides a nice breeze to enjoy meals and dinners in this original dining room. Photographs: Cases Singulars