BLISS and BERNI illuminate the floor of an independent young man

The interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta has redesigned a flat in the centre of Bilbao on which she has used the BLISS and BERNI lamps of Faro Barcelona.

Without any major reform and based only on the decoration, the task was to redefine the housing of a newly independent young man. For this, the interior designer wanted to achieve a “masculine style that was not excessively sober or rigid, but youthful” achieving this by combining grey, white and black tones and a bit of colour. The furniture is mixed between decoration and functionality, and light is given a lot of importance. The BERNI lamp, in fact, illuminates the rest area of the living room and, thanks to its modern style and its fine lines design, it is not only perfect for reading or relaxing, but matches the atmosphere of the whole house. One of the important areas of the dining room is also the bookstore. A wooden furniture with refined lines, with a sideboard and a bookcase in the upper area. This central element is illuminated using the BLISS lamp. A table lamp with textile screen and made of wood, which gives a modern touch perfect for this corner of the house.

Photographer: Erlantz Biderbost
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The ETERFAN ceiling fan is the main character of the renovation of Baix Empordà

The ETERFAN ceiling fan presides over the main halls of the renovated Baix Empordà, a work done by Glòria Duran architecture studio. This rustic style home has preserved elements that are reminiscent of its past; however, it features all current technologies, such as, for example, ceiling fans to efficiently cool down the porch and the main hall. just fan-hall These two areas are the ones that provide more life to the place; for that reason, the use of the fan was very well thought. During the summer months, they refresh the halls and, combined with the air conditioning system, save energy and money while helping maintain the ideal temperature. During winter, thanks to their reverse function, they help evenly distribute the hot air from the heaters. The fan of choice for these halls has been the ETERFAN model withou glass, a design by Faro team, minimalistic and modern with a hint of industrial design that fits perfectly with the high ceilings and the exposed-stone walls. just_fan_designed-by-conillas Its body integrates to the ensemble that provides warmth to the area and the transparent blades provide the modern touch that matches the stylized chimney. In the porch, in a central position and presiding over the space, the fan provides a nice breeze to enjoy meals and dinners in this original dining room. Photographs: Cases Singulars
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Faro Barcelona illuminates La Cuina de la Boqueria gastronomic space

La Cuina de la Boqueria is more than just a gastronomic space, it is a multi-purpose place and, as such, it requires a lighting setting that takes into consideration its different areas and the tasks that are carried out in them. Under this premise, Faro Barcelona’s Project Director, Iván Maena, has conceived this comprehensive illumination project.

iluminacion-custom-entrada The entrance is the main access to one of the most important spaces, the kitchen. To illuminate it, an oval-shaped suspended lamp was designed. The material of this custom-made lamp is varnished crude iron and it features decorative LED lights to achieve comfortable and warm lighting. Without a doubt, this lamp has a great presence and it serves as a preview of the lighting setting of all of the spaces, which reflect the singularity of each area.

To illuminate the kitchen, the chosen product was the suspended NAN track projector, in its black version, which blends in perfectly with the furniture and the decoration of this area. Five projectors in each side allow the light to be directed towards the workspaces.

Near this space, the main focal point is a bare brick wall illuminated by 2700K LED strips that provide skimming lighting. This is common in spaces where there is presence of this kind of walls, achieving an illumination that complements the rest.

Another of the most important spaces in La Cuina de la Boqueria is the dining hall. For this area, custom-made decorative lamps were designed: a large varnished crude iron circular profile with 120 cm in diameter in which two types of lighting are combined, each can be used depending of the needs of the moment.

iluminacion-zona-comedor Dimmable 5W LED lamps provide a decorative touch and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, while 8W 2700K LED lamps with a temperature of 60° provide uniform lighting, perfect for work tasks.

iluminacion-teatral-columnas-pilares Lighting can also give a space certain theatricality. This was achieved by illuminating two architectural elements, which, besides creating a decorative effect, made them relevant within the space. Some warm recessed LED lamps trace the white columns thanks to their 10° opening angle, accent lighting to illuminate an element that stands out because of its height.

This theatricality effect is also used to illuminate the bare brick pillars. The recessed LED CURTIS lamp features optical asymmetry, this way, it focus the light towards the column avoiding glare.

In this low ceiling area, NAN ceiling lamps were used. Thanks to the 100° opening LED lamps, uniform and perfect lighting is achieved for the reunions that can take place in this space.

iluminacion-zona-bajo-techo The bathroom features lighting that is both decorative and functional. In the exterior area, the MARLIN wall lamp was installed; in the interior, two types of lamps were used. As general lighting the recessed 8W LED NEU lamp was installed, which concedes the main attraction position to the decorative light provided by the ALMA suspended lamp, which uses a LED filament as light source and is located next to the mirror.

iluminacion-zona-bano Some recessed CROSBY LED lamps are the signal lights in the stairway that leads to the dining hall. In this comprehensive lighting project every detailed has been paid attention to in order to fulfill the different lighting needs of every area. foto-general-proyecto-cuinadelaboqueria
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The LULA table lamp lights up the FEELD Organic restaurant

FEELD Organic: cafe, restaurant and market under one roof, under one concept
The space dedicated to organic food was designed without anything superfluous, a cozy, warm place with personality, but nothing overdone. They took advantage of the light tones of oak wood, to combine with the white structure and steel structure, and high ceilings. sobremesas-diseno-lula-restaurante-feeld-organic The lamps on the restaurant are LULA model in its small white version by Faro Barcelona. Theses luminaires provided warm to the diners while enjoying the healthy food. All the furniture was made to measure finished in oak wood. Chairs and stools, Don model of the family business Ondarreta, in white lacquered metal structure with matt yellow. supermercado-feeld-organic In the part devoted to the market, located on the ground floor, oak contrasted with black ceilings and shelves, so that the protagonist was the product.

  • Location: FEELD Organic, 2014
  • Interior Design: Anaïs Iglesias
  • Graphic Design: Brais Mendez Gónzalez
  • Project Manager: David Crespo Rial
  • Mural: Conrad Roset
  • Photographs: Cecilia Diaz Betz
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    Lighting project: Niko’las Restaurant

    Faro Barcelona has participated in the lighting of the restaurant Niko’las in Sofia. The owner is the chef Tsvetomir Nikolov who was named Best Chef in Bulgaria last 2015. For this space, the model chosen was the WINCH pendant lamp which gives it warmth and visual comfort. restaurante-nikolas-sofia  
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    Mix, the pendant lamp that illuminates the Vori Bistro Burger at El Prat

    A MIX fun combination, in black and white, located at the Vori Bistro Burger at El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). This lamp, designed by Alex & Manel Lluscà, provides warmth to the burger shop while adding a modern and casual touch. lamparas-mix-grande-vori-bistro-burguer On the 50s style tables by the entrance door, typical of American coffee shops, we can find the big MIX model in black. On the contrary, in the rest of the tables, the choice was to use the small and white model of the same lamp. The pendant lamp not only provides a familiar touch because of its wooden accents and dim light, but also its metallic structure that gives it an industrial personality that is perfect to illuminate contract spaces. lamparas-mix-vori-bistro-burguer The combination of the MIX designer lamps provide the establishment with an original and fun style, ideal to enjoy meals in a nice and warmly lit place that invites people to have meaningful conversations.
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    VERSUS and FUTURE at Finca Santiago Restaurant

    Finca Santiago has renewed its terrace displaying its FUTURE wall lamps and the outdoor table lamps VERSUS. The work of MC Estudy has focused on the refurbishment of the restaurant and its architectural adaptation, expanding the outdoor areas and improving existing ones. Versus terraza La Finca Santiago This change responds to the need to offer events and catering services on the patio and terrace. This restaurant located in Murcia has an extensive green area and a nice space where tables are distributed along these two spaces. On the outer walls FUTURE uniformly lights up the space, however the more focused lighting is the responsibility of VERSUS. The table lamps have been placed above their structures to turn them into floor lamps. This type of lighting is not very usual in outdoors spaces and that is why its originality is so striking. FUTURE VERSUS gives a warm touch to the terrace both in its table version and floor version. The lamp has a subtle role that comes to life when turned on. One of the most charming areas is the pool, since the table lamps look and dazzle in a very particular way. Versus en la zona de piscina The winery, one of the renovated spaces, show filament bulbs LED lights. The light warm tones contrast with the wooden ceiling and the materials of the bar and tables. The minimalist style of the lighting enhances the space and offers a pleasant look. MC Studio has created an elegant and sober atmosphere that contrasts with the wealth of the country house structure. The lighting fits perfectly with the cosmopolitan air and serene surroundings of Finca Santiago Restaurant. bombillas LED filamento
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    Faro Design lamps in the New Hotel Colon

    The design lamps Vesper, Link and Sweet are responsible for the lighting in the rooms of the New Hotel Colon in Mataró. The reform project of this hotel is the result of the work and collaboration of the interior design studios Concepción Padilla and Onikot. lampara_sweet_habitacion_new_hotel_colon “Functionality, just as elegance and excellence in every corner”, this is how the hotel is conceptualized and our models fit perfectly with this premise. The lamps chosen for the 48 rooms of the hotel, are part of our catalog The Collection, where all the author’s models are gathered. lampara_vesper_habitacion_new_hotel_colon The Sweet and Link design fixtures, of Estudi Ribaudí, and the reader fixture Vesper of Nahtrang are the ones responsible for providing warmth in the illumination of these spaces. Elegant lamps, but also practical and functional that, placed in the headboards, solve the problem of space in the bedside tables. lampara_lass_baño_habitacion_new_hotel_colon Besides these design fixtures, other Faro lamps have been used in the reform of the New Hotel Colon. Among others, you can find Lass fixtures in the bathrooms of the rooms or recessed for general lighting. Furthermore, the Newport outside fixtures, designed by Estudi Ribaudí, illuminate the entrance and bring a touch of nautical inspiration to this hotel, located at just 150 meters from the beach.
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