How to light a Nordic bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important elements of our home. This area becomes a sanctuary and its design will helps us achieve the peace necessary for a good sleep.

Erika Suberviola ES Interiorismo & Feng Shui is responsible for this very romantic and Nordic style project.


The main wall is papered with a geometric pattern in neutral and pastel tones. The furniture like the headboard is simple, functional and gives a touch of white to provide a little more light.

To light up the bedroom, the HAT desktops from Faro Barcelona are responsible for the ambient light. A warm temperature LED bulb is perfect to create a relaxed atmosphere to induce sleep.


Highlights the chest of drawers with uneven drawers and the round mirror in black and leather strip, “the distinctive and original pieces are those that bring a unique touch and mix all the elements in a harmonious bedroom” says Erika Suberviola.

The wooden floors and the black and white tribal patterned carpet are the final point of this bedroom.


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A Barcelona attic lit with Faro Barcelona lights


Vimworks is the studio responsible for reorganising and working on this 47 m2 Barcelona attic. The aim of the refurbishment was to convert two rooms into one and to open up the space.


The project consisted of finding a more functional layout and connecting the common spaces, as well as opening them up so that light could come in from the terrace, thereby creating a sensation of depth.

In order to adapt to a space with a complicated geometry, the wardrobe was created in an L-shape from the kitchen diner. Its material reinforces the warmth of this common area. To light the table, the grey MINE hangs from the ceiling and lights the room, focusing its beam on the table, but also as general lighting for the entire space.


In the covered outdoor terrace area, the WHIZZ floor lamp reinforces this unconventional living room’s modernity. Its black colour contrasts with the rest, but its gold interior and its decorative bulb provide this new space with personality and warmth.


Lastly, in the bedroom we can see a MINE table lamp. It is placed on top of a wooden box and provides the bedroom with ambient light. A fun and easy way to light the bedroom.

Photography: Joan Guillamat

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Faro Barcelona lights Hotel ME Sitges Terramar


Lagranja Design is behind this interior design project and has Faro Barcelona light fittings to light both the hotel and the garden.

Hotel ME Sitges Terramar is characterised by a minimalist style and plays with Mediterranean colours, so the lighting must fit in.


In the hotel’s main areas, we can see FRESH downlighters with warm lighting thanks to their 2700k LED light source.

In the lounge area, reinforcing the originality of the columns, the flexible LED strips project a faint light that helps creates a relaxed and peaceful ambience.


In the hotel rooms, specifically the bathroom, we can see COCOTTES in ceiling format that provide overall lighting and accompany the LED strip that frames the mirror.

In the bath, two IP44 FRESH recessed lights offer the light required to have a bath without being bothered by flickering or too much light.


Once we leave the interior of the hotel, we can see the garden, one of the most beautiful areas.


Circling the entire exterior perimeter of the hotel and its stairs, the SEDNA recessed wall light creates discreet but functional light, enabling it to move easily.


The ALFA LED lights the terrace and swimming pool area. This Alex&Manel Lluscà projector is incorporated into the space and only works when the sun sets.


GROP beacons create the lit path and enable guests to go inside without the light distracting from the rest of the elements.

Lastly, emphasizing elements of the garden, we can see PROJECT in the form of a stake and TONI, an Alegre design piece.


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Faro Barcelona lights and fans at For You Hostel Sevilla

The Zenit Hoteles interior design team oversaw the decor and lighting at For You Hostel Sevilla.


The hostel has a hip and modern style, very in tune with its young, cosmopolitan patrons. The colour white dominates and is combined with fine materials such as wood, marble and the cement floor tiles.

The reception is located in an indoor courtyard and Alex&Manel Lluscà HELMET wall lights take care of the general lighting of the area. These wall lights are IP44 so their installation in this area is appropriate and practical.

To accompany the lighting, the Faro Team WINCH fans fulfill two functions. The first is to provide lighting and the second is to ventilate the area and provide a sensation of coolness; an efficient way to cool down Seville’s high temperatures.


Once guests walk through its doors, they have several common areas where they can enjoy their stay to the max. Once the corridor and outdoor areas are lit, we can see the CRIPTA multi-use wall light. This light fitting has an industrial aesthetic that combines well with HELMET. It can also be used as a ceiling light.


In the kitchen, living room, corridors and bathrooms, the Zenit Hoteles team chose NEON recessed lighting with LED technology. It is efficient and fits perfectly on the surface, so its discretion is ideal for any style of room.


In the bar-dining room, we can see NEWPORT wall lights in white, an Estudi Ribaudí design. These lights are reminiscent of sea port lighting, but their grille diffusor is in keeping with the style of HELMET and ESTAY.


In the common areas we can also see PLOT projectors in white. The tracks and arrangement of the projectors enable the area to be lit overall, but being able to point the projector means that it can be adapted if the requirements change.

We can also see this lighting system throughout the hostel, but with RING projectors and their retro design instead of PLOT projectors.


Finally, in the rooms we can see Goula/Figuera NIT wall lights. Thanks to their shape, they can be used as shelves and their light allows for reading or ambient lighting.


In the dorms, each bed has a TOLUCA wall light to meet each guest’s need without the light affecting the other roommates.


Photography: Elena Blanco

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The roof garden of Hill House Villa

comedor en la terraza

Hill House Villa is a holiday rental house built in 2017. It is located in a dream spot in Chrisi Akti in Chania, Greece and has 4 floors where comfort and luxury are always present.


It was decided to build a garden at the top of the building in order to have the feeling of well-being offered by looking at the ocean while enjoying the sunset.

For this corner, the VERSUS-Elamp of Faro Barcelona and its structures have been used so that they stand out above the vegetation and the sun beds.


VERSUS-E has been used both on its structures and as a floor lamp to create a warm atmosphere for guests. According to Angelos and Thomais Klothaki, owners of this holiday house, “The lighting fits perfectly with the modern design and the urban environment of Hill House Villa”.


Photography: Petros Patakos

Distributor: Electrolyseis

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MINI SIGMA lights a photographic studio

Lighting is an essential element in photography, and so Sambori Design, the studio in charge of the project, had to take light into account when it came to planning the photographic studio Bega Photo Art located in Sabadell.


To conduct the lighting study, it had the experience of Vié Il·luminació, a leading store in this Catalan city. To successfully provide light and be able to modify it in accordance with the needs of each session, versatile and directable projector tracks were used; a complete lighting solution perfect for the needs of the premises.


The chosen model forms part of Faro Barcelona’s professional line. MINI SIGMA is a compact and directable LED projector both in its horizontal and vertical axis. Its distribution enables it to be used for general lighting, but thanks to the accessories and the winglets that enable the light to be oriented, they can also be used as a downlight or atmospheric light.


The result achieved is a warm and comfortable studio that is perfect for sitting comfortably during the session, and has great versatility, since it is possible to play with the light and create different atmospheres for each job.

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Copper lamps in Beauty the shop

The team of Estudio AG Interiorismo has been responsible for the complete design and implementation of Beauty the Shop, a place located on Paseo Colón 1 in Albolote, Granada.


For the renovation, two Faro Barcelona lights have been chosen. In the counter area, we find 3 copper-colored PLANET pendant lights, designed by xJeR Studio, which combine perfectly with the rest of the luminaries and shelves.


The project plays with the wood, the white color, the floor in gray tones and the copper, which predominates and stands out above the rest of the elements.

PLANET provides a focal light and reinforces the rest of the lighting.

In the make-up area and recreating the dressers of the stars, we found a composition of 6 TEN, Faro Team design, with an apparent light bulb. This light allows customers to look comfortably in the mirror and appreciate the tones and finishes of the products.


These wall lamps are also copper-colored to maintain the spirit and style of the entire store.

The result is a warm and comfortable place, with a strong presence of copper that marries perfectly with the roof’s hanging garden. Colors and lighting work together to embrace the customer and offer the best user experience.

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Faro Barcelona illuminates Masia La Florida

Masia La Florida has been recently rehabilitated by its manager, Inés Vilar and the project team of Faro Barcelona has been in charge of lightning the whole location.

Faro has been commissioned to carry out a lighting study to better adapt to the needs of this place and provide lighting solutions according to the activities and areas.


For exterior lighting, one of the most popular areas of La Florida, TONI spike by Alegre Design have been used. These luminaires allow to highlight certain elements and give points of light. In this case they have been installed in the trees creating a beautiful path through the garden.

To illuminate roads we find the built-in KANE, which integrate with the ground projecting a beam of light that guides the visitor throughout the journey.

empotrables kane

On the wall of the raft area, the GROW wall lamp by Estudi Ribaudí provides a perfect ambient light to enjoy evenings once the sun sets. The sconces are a good solution to reinforce the lighting of the rest of the garden.

iluminacion exterior

Illuminating the main façade are the floor-built in CURTIS which are perfect for outdoor lighting in busy areas thanks to the IK08. In the planters are the KOPEK, a wall washer that complements the exterior lighting of the Masia.


Once we cross the entrance, in the main room we find the MINI SIGMA projectors of the Faro Barcelona professional range. These rail projectors allow distributing different points of light creating a homogeneous and adaptable lighting according to the needs.


Its compact style is perfectly integrated into the living room attracting the attention without overloading the environment.

Finally, in the bathroom we find the round white built-in FRESH with IP44. Designed to light the bathroom because of its protection index they can be installed in areas with humidity.


To provide an additional spot of light in a critical area, the CLARA crystal pendant with a light bulb is installed in the dressing table. This pendant provides an elegant and delicate spot perfect to reinforce the light of this room.

The result is a homogenous general lighting with light reinforcement in some areas and the ability to adapt to the commercial needs of the Masia La Florida.

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NIT and KAMEN chosen to illuminate a modern apartment in the centre of Madrid

Reforma Actual 2000 is the one responsible for the comprehensive reform of a flat in the Cuatro Caminos neighbourhood of Madrid, using lights from Faro Barcelona. In order to create a “democratic space” for the family and to facilitate the development of children, open and contiguous rooms have been created. The predominant colour is white and according to the design and the need to incorporate different points of light, the NIT and KAMEN fixtures have been installed in the dining room and corridors. Thanks to its design, NIT can also be used as a shelf, a feature that provides a second perfect use in this home, where the details are simple, but with a touch of modernity. KAMEN, on the other hand, is wall lamp made of cement that gives light from above and below, allowing the room to be illuminated more evenly. The lighting used in this reform also includes round built-in lights in the kitchen ceiling and led strips on the countertop, a good option as they are perfectly integrated into the ceiling, avoiding any kind of shadow.
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PAULINE, the undisputed queen of a house in Gipuzkoa

Klaus Eibar was responsible for the complete renovation of a family home in Gipuzkoa. The building is old, although it has good natural lighting. To reinforce the light when the sun sets, the studio has relied on the lamps of Faro Barcelona.


At the entrance, next to the sliding door, we find the LINDA wall lamp that welcomes the visitor with a pleasant and warm light.


In the living room, the beige OVO wall lamps give a timeless style to the classic and functional decoration of the room. This wall lamp whose diffuser is mobile, allows to adjust the beam of light. Finally, at the dining room table and attracting all eyes is PAULINE by Nahtrang; a pendant with a wooden structure and LED light source.


An original way to provide light to the living room table with a modern touch that perfectly matches the Nordic-style table and chairs.

A family home with a lot of charm and an enveloping and homogeneous lighting.

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