A bedroom with SIDE and a lot of peace

Maria Odena was responsible for the complete rehabilitation of a house located in Barcelona.

With a minimalist, relaxed and timeless style, she choose two SIDE pendants from Faro Barcelona to illuminate the marriage suite. The luminaires are perfectly integrated thanks to their solid and simple structure and modern style. They are located on both sides of the bed providing general lighting to the space, and at the same time, acting as support light in each corner.

The space also has an integrated bathroom that follows the same style. A nice and complete room to rest.

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Outdoor lighting in La Guingueta de l’Escribà

La Guingueta de l’Escribà is a beach bar located in Bogatell beach, Barclona. GE Interioriormo has overseen this project with a tropical decoration.


The bar offers a range of bright colors, cheerful and cool, perfect to enjoy its kitchen next to the sea.

The furniture and the illumination are rustic and made of materials like wood and wicker, fact that reinforces the warmth of the place and allows the visitors to feel comfortable.


For the general lighting lamps with the same materials have been used, whereas for the perimeter lighting of the beach bar, you will find the portable lamps CAT.

CAT is a Nahtrang design for the lighting firm Faro Barcelona. It is inspired on the 50’s cartoon geometric shapes and its body also reminds of the lamps of ancient boats.

This lighting allows to reinforce the general one and gives a modern touch to the place. A good job by GE Interios Design that have known how to capture the essence of La Guinguita de l’Escribà.


Photography: Dani Rovira
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The versatility of Faro Barcelona luminaires provided this home with a full range of lights

The goal of this project was to create a comfortable and functional home for all the members of the family. The person in charge of this project was Elena Castells Poch and again, she relied on Faro Barcelona to illuminate this home.

“I wanted to modernize the house, without losing its essence and personality; we have rescued many inherited furniture that has great value for them,” Elena tells us after asking about the reform.

The distribution always plays an important role in a reform and spacious rooms have been created so that all members can enjoy the home and cover all their needs.


MINE SPACE has been used for the dining room. This Nahtrang pendant combines several light sources and brings warmth and modernity to the dining room. The use of this composition of light allows us to play with the dimensionality of space and provide depth.

In the sideboard, to reinforce the light, we have the HAT table lamp with wooden structure. The wood details are present both in the living room and in the dining room and help create a warm and homely space.


In the living room, neutral colors and black luminaires stand out. The LISE LED wall light is used for the points of light in the central wall of the room and the TECTO panels have been used for general lighting.

In the corner of the living room, the LINK floor lamp of minimalist aesthetics, allows to create a point of light in the corner and is a good solution to create different environments thanks to light.


“The lighting is well studied and we have added highlights that highlight the linen textures of the whole house, the antique furniture and the wonderful paintings of the family” explains Elena Castells Poch after asking about how she chose the luminaires.

To reinforce the general lighting, the FRESH recessed lights are perfectly integrated into the ceiling and give a warm light without perfect shadows to create a homogeneous light in all the rooms.


The green corner of the room stands out; adding depth to the whole space allowing to introduce a little of the terrace to the interior. CAT laptops in black hang gracefully and stand out both from the background and the views.


If we go outside, the blank BU-OH wall light illuminates the terrace thanks to its “luminous eyes”. And to move from one place to another, BOO and its handle serve as an itinerant light.


In the rooms, the LED light fixtures stand out for easy reading in bed. The black SUAU wall lamp in one of the rooms and the white SUAU with a shelf in another of the bedrooms.


Finally, our tour ends in the third bedroom, where the STUDIO clamp in black gives originality and a youthful touch to the bed with padded headboard.


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Faro Barcelona lights these tourist apartments

If you are planning a trip to Malta, you can’t miss Valletta Boutique Living (VBL), a group of apartments lit, of course, with Faro Barcelona lights.

For the occasion, they worked with our official distributor on the island, OK Home, to choose the light fixtures in accordance with the style of each apartment


In one of the attics, whose terrace becomes the heart of the apartment, we will find the Alex & Manel Lluscà CERES wall light.

In this very apartment, we will find GRANT recessed lighting that lights the stairs and perfectly integrates.


In another of the VBL apartments, the living room has a minimalist aesthetic and to provide the room with a little light and creativity, OLAN wall lights were installed with up and down lighting. The directional blades enable light play that provides indirect light to the apartment’s common rooms


Finally, TEN wall lights illuminate the third apartment in a complementary way. Their metal finish combines with this large living room’s wealth of textures and colours.


In the bathroom, recessed lights with IP44 are the perfect option to create a homogenous, shadow-free light. In the mirror area, more light was added to facilitate any make-up and grooming that is done.


In both bedrooms, the environmental lighting is provided by CELIA. This articulated wall light has an industrial style that contrasts with the white of the wall.

Its arm enables the light to be adapted to the needs of the moment, and that versatility permits it to be used as an environmental or reading light.


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Outdoor lighting of Faro Barcelona for this coastal residence

This house is located in Coveta Fumá in El Campello and the project is the work of Electro.mar.


To light up this seaside residence, the lights of Faro Barcelona have been chosen since “they allow the merging of the modern with the classic and fit perfectly with the sea”, informs us Jorge Navarro, manager of Electro.mar.

On the facade of the house, the ROUNDER wall lamps provide a perfect indirect light to illuminate the entrances of the house. To complement the lighting of the porch, the COCOTTE ceiling lamp in white provides that extra touch of light.


Finally, SENTINEL sconces have been installed on the exterior of the façade to reinforce the perimeter lighting of the residence.


If we move away from the house, the BIRD beacons are located in the outside garden and are around the pool. The ceramic floors imitate the wood and give warmth to this terrace whose sea views are spectacular.


“We look for a cozy atmosphere for our summer barbecues with friends, an intimate and at the same time safe area”, this was what the owner of the home requested, for that reason Electro.mar decided that the temperature of the light would be warm, of about 3000K to create a comfortable and pleasant space.

GARTEN-4 is used to highlight natural elements with light. The stake allows highlighting palm trees or vegetation, a fact that adds depth to the space.


“A wise choice of luminaires for our project. Design, effectiveness and a good quality-price ratio” declared Jorge Navarro of Electro.mar when asked about Faro Barcelona.

Installers: Miguel Bravo y Kevin Alavés Carr.

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Faro Barcelona illuminates the garden of a house in Cantabria

Hemanos Vega Díaz are responsible for the changes in the garden of a single-family house in Cantabria. To cover needs, this distribution company has been responsible for the construction of a bathroom integrated into the garden and the remodelling of this to create a functional space.


The structure of the building is made of wood enamelled in colour and decorated with old wooden planks.

Both the lighting of the garden and the bathroom are from Faro Barcelona. On the main facade we find the ESTORIL rustic lamps. Their classic style and their protection index make them the perfect luminaire for this area.


If we enter the structure, we find a rustic bathroom, but with details that capture our attention. The wooden doors have been recovered by the Vega Díaz Brothers. The interior lining of the bathroom, as well as the imitation wood flooring give continuity to the style of the whole.


The bathroom taps belongs to the Bristan Group and is officially distributed by the people in charge of the project. Finally, to give light to the interior, two ART pendants with filament bulbs illuminate the dressing table and maintain that rustic and delicate style that surrounds the whole set.

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Faro Barcelona illuminates the rooms of the Lux Grand Gaube hotel

The Lux Grand Gaube hotel is located in Mauritius and although it has an enviable location, its rooms are not left behind.

VK Design has been the studio in charge of decorating the hotel suites and has counted on Design Place, distributor of Faro Barcelona, to illuminate the rooms of this hotel.


For the lighting of the head of the bed we find the BERNI wall lamp with reader. This Nahtrang design is adapted to the fresh and functional style of the entire hotel.

Its screen of fabric allows to diffuse the light and its reader facilitates the reading in the bed, giving the necessary light for that activity without dazzling the bed partner.


To complement the lighting of the rest of the room, there is the LINK lounge stand by Estudi Ribaudí. The black finish contrasts with the rest of the luminaires and allows to move the point of light. In this case, it is placed next to the chair and is in charge of the ambient lighting.


And finally the PLANET pendant by xJeR Studio illuminates the dresser of the room. Its minimalist aesthetic and its LED source with warm light provide a modern touch to the space.

The combination of the different luminaires allows to create a perfect atmosphere for rest or for the desired activity. The use of one to several allows to play with the amount of light and adapt to the needs and mood of the guest.

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Faro Barcelona illuminates these 3 residences

Baobarq is an architecture and interior design studio responsible for these 3 residences. Two located in Madrid and a third one in Ibiza.


The first house, located on the white island, has undergone a comprehensive reform both inside and outside. The building dates back to the 70s and for that reason its essence was respected and indirect lighting was proposed in the common areas. The façade is illuminated in such a way that the scenography of each of the environments is emphasized: main access, gardens, staircase and common interior areas.


The LACRE wall lamps are integrated into the dry stone walls of Ibiza providing light to the main entrance.

At the main staircase SEDNA-2 units in dark grey have been installed. For the garden, the TONI stakes of Alegre Design allows highlighting decorative elements, as well as mark the route.


To finish this residence, OSLO wall lamps were used to illuminate common indoor areas. Its simple and elegant structure fits with space and allows creating a warm atmosphere without many ornaments.

If we move to the capital we can see two of Baobarq’s projects. The first is a comprehensive reform in a two-storey townhouse located in a historic neighbourhood of Madrid.


The goal of the project was to transform this house of the 60s into a house with open spaces, common areas on the ground floor and take advantage of natural light.


The lighting of the house has been made with the OSLO wall lamps for the interior and dark grey LACRE for the exterior facades.

For the interior, the RADON spotlights, white and adjustable, have been installed in the false ceilings. In addition, the LED strips provide a little more light, but have been integrated into the pits, being partially hidden, provide extra light in the rooms.


The last of the residences is located in the centre of Madrid and on this occasion the order was a partial reform.

The goal was to transform the rooms into more functional spaces, especially the bathrooms and the kitchen.


Some partitions have been removed so that natural light is distributed more efficiently. To add light to the space when natural light is not enough, the adjustable white RADON recessed luminaires have been chosen for these common areas.


The white colour of the lighting and the walls has been completed with walls with patterned papers that add colour and modernity to the entire residence.


Photograph: Álvaro Parra
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3 residential projects with Faro Barcelona lamps

Estíbaliz Martín is the interior designer responsible for these 3 residential projects in the Basque country. Although each one has its own personality, the 3 share the sense of aesthetics and the minimalism and functionality of the space.

The first apartment presented had a complicated layout. “The objective was to visually order the space and make it look wider,” he says.

The result is a fresh and modern apartment thanks to the mix of contemporary furniture with tribal prints, neutral colours and touches of green.

The dining room is attached to the living room. To make it a much more welcoming area reforms were made, playing with corners and colours.


The hanging lamp LINDA illuminates the table and provides a soft light that fits in this space and rounded lines.

Finally, in the bedroom, we found the LULA table lamps in black and white. This design by Marina Milá was the perfect option to maintain the symmetry and straight lines of the bedroom.


The bedroom of this second home stands out for the sober lines and the great amount of light. The warmth was important and that’s why Estíbaliz uses wood and reinforces that feeling with small touches of the same material.

In this case the BLISS table lamp fits perfectly into the environment and gives personality to the space.


In the last of the houses, the study was centred in the living room. A neutral base was sought to highlight certain elements such as the carpet, the sofa and the tables.

To illuminate the corner, the BERNI floor lamp, with its white finish was used, providing a touch of light, even if it is not lit.


In addition, thanks to the shape of the room, the point of light can be moved to adapt it to the needs and moods of the moment.

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LINDA and BERNI illuminate the Hotel Granada Palace 4 *


The Hotel Granada Palace has just presented its new lighting thanks to Distribuciones Nevadis. To illuminate the hall of the hotel, LINDA by Estudi Ribaudí will bring highlights to this common space.


These luminaires serve to give warmth, thus they are located on the side of each chair, providing a comfortable feeling, as if you were in the living room of your home.

The white finishing of this table matches perfectly with the cream-colored leather armchairs in the hotel lobby.


And if something is known a hotel is for its rooms. The whole hotel has the mosaics that make Granada unique and in this case we also find them in the rooms.


At the head of the bed we find the BERNI wall lamp with reader. This Nahtrang design allows to create an ambient light thanks to its fabric screen and also to use it as a reading light.

The fixture fits perfectly with the wood of the floor and the furniture, and the white screen gives a sense of light to the whole, even if the luminary is not lit.

The Granada Palace 4 * hotel is located on Diego de Siloé street, in Monachil, Granada, Spain.

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