From industrial space to a warm home

The reform company Sincro has managed to turn a functional workspace into an incredible apartment for a family of four people. And to achieve this he has had different fans of Faro Barcelona.

The objective of the study was to create an open and minimalist space but at the same time a warm and comfortable home. Mixing types of wood and all types of materials, this Cornellà apartment also has a domotic control system and solar control elements. The ventilation of the dining room has been resolved with the white IBIZA fan. Its discreet design makes it ideal for a stay as chosen and its three blades perfect for ventilation of large spaces such as the living room. For the rooms, on the other hand, the OBOE model, also white, was available. It is a little smaller than the previous one and continues with the line of minimalist and functional design. Both have an inverse function, so they can also be used in winter by improving the heating system. Two good choices to provide comfort to a reform full of details that fits perfectly with family life.
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LANTAU at Soul on the Beach restaurant

general-restaurante-bali There are few places on the earth like Bali and in Sindhu Beach in Sanur we find the restaurant Soul on the Beach. In its covered terrace, we find Faro Barcelona’s LANTAU fans.

The wooden blades perfectly match the relaxed and warm atmosphere of the restaurant. The fan moves and renews the air and allows diners to enjoy a pleasant temperature.

lantau_restaurante_soul_on_the_beach Soul on the Beach has fantastic views and is one of the top restaurants in Bali not only for the views but also for the food.

It is a Fantastik Asia project.

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Faro Barcelona outdoor lighting for this family home

This project of Segah. Designs and Projects intended to unite different areas of the house and give it brightness and a feeling of spaciousness.

The house consists of two terraces that provide natural light to the rooms. However, when the sun sets it is necessary to light it properly in order to enjoy these areas.
baliza_balda_terraza On the main terrace BALDA serves as decorative lighting. The different sizes create a nice set of lights that welcome the visitors with a pleasant warm light.

For the outdoor path up to the ladder, the DAS beacon points the way with its beautiful beam. Its structure draws the silhouette of the beacon, but the light is diffused by the empty part, an original way to shed light on this area.

DAS iluminacion sendero Finally, upon entering the house a magnificent set of lights welcomes us. OVO white, in two different sizes, embraces the visitor thanks to its indirect lighting that allows the transition from the outside to the inside without changing the light too abruptly.

OVO da la bienvenida
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Rooms of the Mar y Sol Hotel Illuminated by Faro Barcelona

Faro Barcelona has worked in collaboration with Prestige Hotel & Resorts to illuminate the rooms of the Mar y Sol Hotel. This time by the hand of habitaciones-hotel-mar-y-sol To illuminate the rooms, white lamps has been used to reinforce the maritime and Mediterranean style that is present in the entire hotel. The MIX lamp family, designed by Àlex & Manel Lluscà, was chosen to provide warmth to the ensemble. We can find the pendant lamp over the dining room table and the table lamp, with its wooden details, as a focal point in the living room. mix pendant lamp MIX lamp provides uniformity to the ensemble given that its materials blend in perfectly with the parquet floor and the white furniture. The metallic screen and the structure provide a youthful and relaxed vibe that is in contrast with the wood that reinforces the cozy feeling. mix-sobremesa-faro-barcelona In addition, we can also find the EACO-1 wall lamp, made with gypsum, which is part of the focal and environmental lighting. These two wall lamps serve as a frame for the beautiful painting that is located in the room. eaco-1 gypsum wall lamp A well-lit and warm room, where white dominates over some touches of blue and wood.
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Lighting project: QeVIRIS by Faro Barcelona

Faro Barcelona has carried out the illumination of the grocery QeVIRIS of Tarragona. This project of illumination has been done with LED track projectors specific for fruits.

The lighting used creates visual impact to the zone of exhibition of the grocery that contrasts with the light treatment of the zone of access much more soft. The tracks suspended cause a special visual effect to light a ceiling that characterises for his big high. qeviris-iluminacion-proyector-carril-led
  • Products: CYLINDER LED black track projector and CANON LED outdoor wall lamp as a lighting of accent in the façade.
  • Place: QeVIRIS (Street Cristòfor Colom 3, Tarragona)
  • qeviris-iluminacion-exterior
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    Lighting project: Antonio Miró Boutique

    Faro Barcelona and Dresslight light up Antonio Miró Boutique, Rambla Catalunya 125, Barcelona. The local has 450m2 and they choose our lamps for create a wide space and a great visual comfort. Antonio Miró & Faro Barcelona
      • Product: ETER pendant lamp, TRASNFER pendant lamp, CYLINDER projector and BURAN table lamp
      • Place: Antonio Miró Boutique (Rambla de Catalunya 125, Barcelona)
      faro Barcelona ilumina la tienda de Antonio Miró
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