Faro Barcelona lights the Tapita de Luis

The Tapita de Luis is a bar that is located in Torrevieja and that recently Cruzcampo and Espai Interiorismo have been refurbished to give it a fresh and full of color touch. The objective was to create a comfortable environment and for this the walls were painted in neutral colors, contrasting with the orange and the green, to give it a modern look.

proyecto-luminico For the lighting, industrial and metal lamps were chosen to give it a modern touch. On the tables we find the BELL pendant lamps and to the bar the PETRA adjustable wall lamps were chosen, in this case turned into expandable hanging lamps, that allow to change the light point.

petra Its location is strategic, each point is in the place where it’s needed, creating a uniform lighting that fits with the youth style of this bar. Both PETRA as BELL reinforce the general lighting provided by the recessed lamps, creating light points that bring warmth and give a look closer to the atmosphere of the tapas place.

The bar is the main point and the colors are designed to draw attention. The wood, the brick and the glass turn it into a piece with strong personality, perfect to dominate the space.

As for the rest of the materials, we highlight the use of wood, for example, of pallets and metal that we had seen in some lights, we find it in hanging planters that bring freshness and the necessary green.
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