JUST FAN fans for an attic with great views

This attic located in Valencia not only stands out for its views, but for the decoration carried out by Ideas Interiorismo. This team is responsible for the magnificent decoration and change of the room; partitions have been demolished and have managed to get Valencia into this home.


For lighting and ventilation have had Faro Barcelona. In the main room the touches of color bring brightness and freshness to the environment. Floors and walls of neutral tones, except the one that leads to the bedroom that stands out for its yellow color.

As the study tells us, “indirect lighting on ceilings, walls and decorative elements emphasizes colors and creates a serene atmosphere at night”.

To help the ventilation of the room and achieve the desired well-being both in winter and in summer, two JUST FAN fans have been installed with the short stem to remove the air.

just fan_juego_colores

Its transparent blades and its metallic body fit perfectly, as well as its modern style, he joins and at the same time surprises with the sofa and the giraffe.


In the outdoor area, the LANDAI recessed lights are integrated into the wall and its narrow beam of light produces a dim and optimal lighting play to enjoy the terrace.


Photografy: Kike Jaen

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Decoration and warmth with the WHIZZ luminaires

R-Estudio presents this project located in Terrassa and whose main objective was to reform the living-dining room of this house.

White and wood have been used in the house to create a sense of spaciousness and warmth.


For general lighting, a track with NAN projectors from Faro Barcelona is responsible for lighting both the entrance and the central part of the room.

The installation of lanes allows us to orientate the projectors and thus really adapt to the needs of the space and modify it if necessary.


To complement the lighting in the living room, the WHIZZ living room by Cristoph Friedrich Wagner was installed. Its minimalist style and its golden interior reinforce the aesthetics of the room and the warmth that the studio has achieved thanks to the wooden floor, the panels and the wall.


From the same WHIZZ set, two pendants illuminate the long dining table. The use of the same set gives continuity to the room and maintains the objective of a diaphanous and functional space, without the distraction of many ornaments.

R-Estudio has achieved a modern living-dining room with an adequate and warm lighting thanks to the lights of Faro Barcelona. A minimalist, simple selection, but with a cosmopolitan and original character.


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MINE, TEN and FLASH light a home in Barcelona

Ingenii has carried out a comprehensive rehabilitation of this 70m2 apartment in Barcelona. The main challenge was to achieve a contemporary distribution and style.


This home is characterised by open spaces and the integration of both natural and artificial light. In the living room we find the one-light MINE pendant designed by Nahtrang. Its Nordic aesthetic fits perfectly in the room and matches the MINE table lamp that we find in the sideboard-desk in the background.


Recovering and restoring the original architectural elements of this 1944 estate was almost a moral obligation for Ingenii; as well as mix them with the new construction.


The lighting is designed to enhance the home and everything is consistent with the minimalist and pure style of the entire house. In reference to the lighting, the TEN wall lamps are the common thread throughout the house and reinforce the general lighting.


In the kitchen, the DANA LED recesses are perfectly integrated in this area and offer a perfect general lighting. The two-light FLASH pendant, designed by Estudi Ribaudí, reinforces the amount of light in this room.

Next to the bed, two FLASH wall lamps, this time in black, offer the necessary light for ambient lighting. Thanks to its rotating head you can direct the beam of light and make it easier to read in bed.


The end result is a home with a good design, practical and warm, and with adequate lighting for each function.

Photography: Joan Altés
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Double-function luminaires to illuminate the bedroom

Klaus Eibar‘s latest project is a minimalist and Nordic house lit by Faro Barcelona lamps.


One of the most difficult elements was the lighting of the bedroom since the space was reduced. The perfect solution was the HANDY wall lamp with reader, used as a nightstand and with two types of light, perfect for ambient light and for reading.

Its white colour fits perfectly in the style of the house and saves space without losing luminosity or style.


In the common areas we find the SABA family. An original set composed of one textile screen and one methacrylate screen, giving it a modern and quite Nordic style.

The pendant and the table lamp are part of the living room and blend into the environment, creating a warm and comfortable space, perfect for relaxing at home.

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3 interior design projects with Faro Barcelona lamps

Laia Ubia studio presents 3 residential projects with Faro Barcelona luminaires.

In the Covadonga kitchen work, located in Sabadell, an extension and opening of spaces was made to provide more light to the kitchen.


The DALLAS LED wall lamp was used to light the dining room. This wall lamp with straight lines fits perfectly on the wooden wall and provides a perfect light spot to complement the general lighting of the kitchen-living room.

The same DALLAS wall lamp is the one that has been used for the rehabilitation of Can Candi in Matadepera. This LED wall lamp is the one that gives continuity to the whole home, since it serves as a common thread in all rooms.

In the corridor and open areas, the wall lamp gives a nice diffused light directed upwards that allows the inhabitants to walk through the house with greater comfort.

Finally, in the Josep Pla housing, the studio carried out an integration of storage spaces in search of open and bright areas.


One of the most conflictive areas is the lighting of the staircase and to solve that lighting problem they used the PLAS recessed lamp that can be completely integrated into the wall. Thanks to this lamp we get an ideal light path since it is at ground level and does not blind and allows us to go up and down without problems.

Three lighting solutions adapted to the needs of the inhabitants of each home.

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Faro Barcelona fans in the Casa de la Playa

Laura Ortín Arquitectura has been the studio in charge of this expansion project and to ventilate the rooms it has chosen Faro Barcelona fans.

ventilador pemba de faro barcelona

This family home is located on the Mediterranean coast, specifically in Alicante, and the rehabilitation has been carried out by the need to expand the holiday residence.

For this, a volatile architecture has been proposed that is integrated into the landscape. A practical and simple expansion, but with a spectacular result.

“The house is fresh, cosy and bright, essential qualities to rest on vacation” says Laura Ortín.

In the master bedroom, we find the white ceiling fan PEMBA. This fan has a DC motor so its efficiency and silence is perfect for bedrooms.

ventilador blanco con motor DC

The use of fans favours the circulation of air, helps against mosquitoes and on the hottest nights allows you to fall asleep without drying the air.

For those same reasons, in the youth bedroom we also find another of our models. In this case, the MINI MALLORCA fan, designed for medium-sized rooms, and with 3 speeds.

Mini Mallorca para habitación juvenil

A beautiful and perfectly ventilated holiday home for the warmer months on the Alicante coast.

Photography: David Frutos
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CARTAGO and ALP in charge of lighting up this community garden

Suministros Electricos Gabyl has chosen the CARTAGO lamp and the ALP beacon from Faro Barcelona, for one of its latest projects. It is for the complete renovation of the garden and the swimming pool in an urbanization near Madrid. The combination of the two lamps provides a general lighting, but especially highlight the rest areas and hammocks, illuminating the central wooden porch. The CARTAGO street lamps are located closer to the pool creating a small path while the ALP beacons surround the grass garden. Thanks to the IP54 of both luminaires, these models from Faro Barcelona are the best option for open spaces such as gardens and terraces just like in this project; ideal for lighting many nights of summer bathing.

CYLINDER lights up the new Multiópticas store in Gran Canaria

Cubica Es+udio is responsible for the new Multiópticas store in Gran Canaria. The objective was to create a comfortable and warm environment for the store, placing special emphasis on a functional but personal aesthetic.


“The purchasing experience or the mere fact of accessing the store to see a product, is like being at home, with a spatial sense of comfort” tells us the architectural study when we ask about the main objective of this comprehensive project.


To carry it out the store has a gable roof that makes it recognizable and that gives it a greater sense of spaciousness. This type of roof influences the lighting, with this we intend to give it a sense of depth.

Cubica Es+udio gives special importance to lighting, as it is an important aspect to look for the desired environment. For the product lighting part, Faro Barcelona’s CYLINDER spotlights have been used. They allow to direct the point of light and it matches perfectly with the comprehensive lightning offered by Grupo Faro’s Projects team.


The rails with adjustable spotlights are responsible for lighting the frames and thus matching the general lighting with the focal. The use of different materials for the optical product and sunglasses display is a statement of intent.


“The displays were designed in an oak wood finish, for the sunglasses display, giving a greater warmth to a product related to the sun. In addition, the incorporation of vegetation in said display enhances the fresh and summer image with which the client mentally associates the purchase of the article. For the display of the optical glasses, a soberer image is used” specifies the study when talking with passion about the project.

As you can see in the pictures, the result is a warm store that embraces the visitor from the beginning and accompanies it with a warm light from the time it enters until it leaves. A cozy and homely space with a modern minimalist style.

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Faro Barcelona participated at Casacor Paraguay

Faro Barcelona was one of the companies chosen to light two of the spaces of the first edition of Casacor Paraguay: the environment of the Sustainable House and the Prosa y Vino Gallery.


Together with our official distributor in Paraguay, Electropar, Faro Barcelona was in charge of giving light to both spaces. The Sustainable House has an industrial style area where iron, glass and vertical gardens stand out. For the entrance, a set of different WHIZZ, in gold colour and visible filament light bulb were used to create a relaxed and diaphanous atmosphere that invites people to visit it.


In the living room, we used two NAN projectors in black colour which, thanks to its rail system, extend the general lighting and highlight the area of the monitor. On the dining room table, the SIDE pendant by Alex & Manel Lluscà illuminates the table and at the same time delimits the area.


Finally, in the bathroom, the glass pendant LIZ-2 fits in this area illuminating it in a very original way. The glass creates a contrast with the wood of the wall and the reflection of the bulb against the mirror makes the space look bigger and better illuminated.


On the porch, a relaxation area, we used TECTO ceiling covers, joined together three by three, and producing a homogeneous general illumination. In the uncovered area we find the GROW beacon by Estudi Ribaudí, with the garden accessory that integrates perfectly in the outdoor area.


In the trees, graciously hung, portable CAT in red colour. A very popular lighting style that takes advantage of the natural elements to hang the lamps.

What stands out the most of the areas illuminated by Faro Barcelona is the outer zone. In the covered garden we find the portable NUK creating a charming and magical light curtain that reinforces the image of tigers hidden among the vegetation.


The surroundings of this area is illuminated by the DAS LED beacon that acts as a road marker. In the surrounding gardens, the BU-OH beacon, awarded with the German Design Award 2018, hides among the trees, showing only its light eyes.


Last but not least, the entrance to the Prosa and Vino Gallery is illuminated with LING LED wall lamps, projecting light from above and below, creating a nice and pleasant light set.

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TEMPO pendent lamp lights the artisan shop Cannelonia

Anna Sabrià, Architect, is responsible for this interior design project; the creation of a new Cannelonia store, a family-owned artisan company specialising in cannelloni, croquettes and prepared food.


The place has been adapted to the commercial needs and the TEMPO hanging lamps light the tasting area.

With a modernist and industrial style, the warm light of the TEMPO hanging lamps, in black and gold, highlight the wooden tables and invite the diner to relax and enjoy the food.


The cement tile floors and the metal shelves give it a homey feel, but with an industrial touch like the Brooklyn factories. A perfect style that contrasts with the craftsmanship of the food and the warm treatment.

The result is a comfortable place with a pleasant and clear light and a casual but practical style that fits in the commercial needs of Cannelonia.

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