Faro Barcelona produces “Lampanot”, by agreement with the “Premis Talent” organization

Lampanot is a design by Cristina Borràs inspired in the well-known Barcelona’s symbol, the Panot tile. The design has been awarded with the Premi Talent 3D 2016 in the Premis Talent contest carried out by EmprenE2, which focuses on unveiling and promoting local talent. Produced by Faro Barcelona.

This cube-shaped luminaire has on five of its six faces the Panot, symbol of the city of Barcelona. The Premis Talent award was born with the aim of promoting the talent of people who contribute in improving the Barcelona and Catalonia brands.


The lighting company Faro Barcelona has made it possible for the idea to move from paper to reality. The luminary will be presented this July 4, the date on which the awards of the IV edition will be presented, in the Recent Modernist of Sant Pau.


Xavier Martín, CEO of Faro Barcelona, will be a jury of the Premis Talent 2018 awards in the 3D category and will be present at the gala along with his jury partners Joan Oliveres i Bagues, president of Bagués-Masriera; Pilar Vélez, director of the Museu del Disseny; Montse Cantín, adviser to the Presidency of the Provincial Council of Barcelona and Núria-Anna Salas and Cristina Borràs, winners of the Talent 3D Premi of 2017 and 2016 respectively.

We wish Xavier Martín good luck in this arduous task as a jury and we will be watching the entire gala through social networks.

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