HOOK wins the Excellent Product German Design Award

HOOK has done it again, the ecological and solidary lamp designed by OiKo Design of Faro Barcelona, has won an important recognition.

This time it has been the ‘Excellent’ category of the 2020 German Design Award, recognition granted by the German Design Council. These awards, which celebrate its seventh edition, were born with the aim of recognizing creativity as a brand identity badge.

HOOK is an indoor lamp that, thanks to the length of its cable and its design, allows it to be placed in many different spaces. It has a ‘hook’ shape and is made largely of recycled plastic. A strict environmental protocol has been used for its design and is totally free of PVC, a harmful material and used in most cables. In addition, it is a solidarity lamp: it is assembled by the Fundació El Maresme and with the sale of each unit a child is fed in an African school managed by the NGO Mary’s Meals.
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HOOK got to sponsor a school in Zambia

Zambia, an African country located in the centre-south of the continent, is today one of the poorest regions in the world.

Two thirds of the population lives in poverty working in the fields and mining, and although the numbers of schooling are not low, the number of children who drop out of school to find work, food or help at home is high.

With this backdrop, Scottish NGO Mary’s Meals has one of its projects underway: every day, they serve a porridge made of local food to more than 134,000 children attending schools, securing a plate of food for the day and class attendance. This work has been carried out in more than 18 countries for 17 years, and Faro Barcelona wanted to support it with the launch of the ecological HOOK lamp. With each sale of this luminaire, a part is destined to help one of Mary’s Meals projects. Last year, we set out to do so in a school in Zambia.

Challenge achieved! 207 boys and 186 girls have benefited from contributions for a whole school year at the Dumisa School, in the Chipata district. Such as Olivia, a student who is very clear that she wants to continue studying and is grateful to eat at the school“The porridge helps me concentrate.”

Committed to helping those who need it and building a fairer and more sustainable world, we will continue to collaborate with Mary’s Meals and its efforts to feed and school all children. A lamp designed to reduce environmental impact, HOOK is packed in Fundació El Maresme, and also fills plates, smiles and futures.
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HOOK awarded with the Green Product Award

HOOK by Oiko Design is in luck. Its has been awarded with the Green Product Award, an award more that joins the triumphs’ list of this lamp at the same time that the prestigious Red Dot 2018.

The Green awards were created in 2013 with the intention of awarding innovator and sustainable products, with the faith that those can change the world.

The jury is the one that chose the winners within more than 40 countries present in the contest.

Nevertheless, the public also plays an important role and gives the price “mention of the public.” You can as well vote through the following link to help HOOK winning this category.


HOOK has been awarded because it’s elaborated with recycled plastic, its assembly its done in Fundació el Maresme and with each lamp sold a child is fed during an entire year thanks to the collaboration with Mary’s Meals.

Long life to its initiatives that allow changing the world!

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FARO Barcelona presents HOOK at Natura Casa Barcelona

Faro Barcelona brought together design and media professionals to present its most ecological and supportive model: HOOK.

The presentation took place in the Natura Casa store in Barcelona ​​and was attended by representatives of Xavi Martín, CEO of the company, Román Fabra, director of Mary’s Meals Spain, Raul Torres, production manager of the Fundació Maresme and the Designers of the lamp, José López-Aguilar and Salva Cordinach of OiKo Design Office.

All the features of this model were highlighted, made with recycled and PVC-free material that is stuffed by the people of Fundació El Maresme and that with each unit sold, helps to feed a child during a school year in Gboidoi Public School in collaboration with Mary’s Meals.

The attendees stated that it is a “versatile and functional design, ideal for both a terrace, to illuminate the garden in a summer night or for a shelf in the interior”. They also agreed on the great added value of collaborating on a social work and helping the environment “everything behind HOOK is good; It is ecological, recyclable, solidary and functional” were the words of the majority of the attendees who ended up with a HOOK under their arm.

HOOK can be purchased at Natura Casa Barcelona, ​​Natura Casa Madrid (c/ de Velázquez, 48), at Biosca&Botey and on the site hook.faro.es.