CAT and VERSUS illuminate the deck of Café del Mar Barcelona

On May 27th, Café del Mar Barcelona opened its doors in Port Fórum, Barcelona. It is the Ibiza’s brand largest club in the world and features 4,000 square meters that combine a pool area, a restaurant, terraces with magnificent views, as well as chill-out areas and spaces to meet people. The Pool Zone next to the sea, the amazing Skyline Terrace and The Club area, all of which, thanks to Constructiva Global design, are illuminated by two models of outdoor lamps by Faro Barcelona: CAT and VERSUS. On the one hand, the CAT lamps, in white, illuminate the beach loungers and the mattresses near the pool. They are hung and attached to different poles and, thanks to their nautical design, they resemble small lighthouses, which matches the theme of being close to the sea. On the other hand, the VERSUS lamps illuminate and decorate The Club space with their 80cm structure that keeps them standing on all corners and surrounding the entire balcony. With their warm light, they create the ideal atmosphere to enjoy the summer nights with all of the activities organized at Café del Mar.

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