Secrets del Mediterrani lit by Faro Barcelona

This old bakery has been reformed by Dröm Living into a gourmet shop with a strong Mediterranean aesthetic.

For this, they have kept the structure, but its appearance has been renewed, making it much fresher thanks to the soft and turquoise tones that prevail in the space.

For lighting the premises, different luminaries have been used that also correspond to the different environments that we can find. The lighting has been a priority for Dröm Living, combining technical and decorative points, eliminating obstacles so that natural light invaded all spaces.

POTE-2_iluminacion_emntrada_secrets_mediterrani When entering, in the product sample section, we find the POTE-2 ceiling light in black that allows to illuminate the wide entrance evenly.

If we continue straight, in the shelves and refrigeration area, the ESTAY wall lamps with a strong nautical nature are responsible for lighting the area and give both general as decorative light as its beam of light is directed both upwards and downwards.

estay_iluminacion_refrigerado_secrets_mediterrani Finally, in the interior we find an area with tables and two bars that are used for tasting tapas. The ESTAY wall lamp gives continuity to all the lighting of the room and that is why it fits perfectly above the bars.

The result is a space with a unique character. A general uniform lighting perfect for the purchase, and some points of warm light to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.