Rooms of the Mar y Sol Hotel Illuminated by Faro Barcelona

Faro Barcelona has worked in collaboration with Prestige Hotel & Resorts to illuminate the rooms of the Mar y Sol Hotel. This time by the hand of habitaciones-hotel-mar-y-sol To illuminate the rooms, white lamps has been used to reinforce the maritime and Mediterranean style that is present in the entire hotel. The MIX lamp family, designed by Àlex & Manel Lluscà, was chosen to provide warmth to the ensemble. We can find the pendant lamp over the dining room table and the table lamp, with its wooden details, as a focal point in the living room. mix pendant lamp MIX lamp provides uniformity to the ensemble given that its materials blend in perfectly with the parquet floor and the white furniture. The metallic screen and the structure provide a youthful and relaxed vibe that is in contrast with the wood that reinforces the cozy feeling. mix-sobremesa-faro-barcelona In addition, we can also find the EACO-1 wall lamp, made with gypsum, which is part of the focal and environmental lighting. These two wall lamps serve as a frame for the beautiful painting that is located in the room. eaco-1 gypsum wall lamp A well-lit and warm room, where white dominates over some touches of blue and wood.