MINI-CYLINDER DALI White projector LED RETAIL 17W pearl white 56°

MINI-CYLINDER DALI is the small, compact version of the CYLINDER track projector, a versatile track projector that allows different lighting scenes to be created with the same installation, depending on the need at the time
The LED PEARL WHITE module is indicated for lighting garments, since its features allow the textures and colours of clothes to stand out. A Colour Rendering Index of 95 provides a realistic rendering of the colour. The higher the value, the better the human eye perceives the real colour of the objects it lights.
The 56° version is perfect for more general lighting in these premises or as accent lighting within short distances.
The DALI system enables light intensity to be regulated.
Included Yes
Transformer Driver
Included No
Voltage 220-240V
Material Die cast aluminium, aluminium reflector and template glass diffuser
Length 160 mm
Height 235 mm
Weight 1.61 kg
EAN Code 8421776153059
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