HOOK Black portable lamp

HOOK by OiKo Design Office is a lamp designed under strict eco-design protocol . They are optimized all stages of their life cycle to reduce the environmental impact between 30 and 70% compared to an equivalent non ecodesigned design. The housings are made from recycled plastic , the diffuser is the same material to promote their recyclability and have achieved a product completely free of PVC , a harmful material present in most wires and plugs. Cable lenght is 4.20 meters.
This product is assembled in Fundació el Maresme and with the purchase of a HOOK you will feed a child for a year thanks to the collaboration of Faro Barcelona with NGO Mary’s Meals .Light source included.
Made in Spain
Light source 1 X E27 5W 2700K
Included Yes
Included No
IP 20
Voltage 100-240V
Class II
Material Polypropylene (100% recycled) 0.18 Kg, Polypropylene 0.05 Kg, PET (20GF) 0,016 Kg, PBT(20GF) 0.014 Kg, PA660,02 Kg, PC0.00g Kg, Silicone 0.17 Kg, Steel 0.002 Kg, Brass 0.003 Kg, Copper 0.043 Kg.
Recommended bulb 17462
Description Recommended Bulb G45 MATE LED E27 4W 2700K 450LM
Height 280 mm
Diameter 115 Ø
Weight 0.54 kg
Volume 0.00543 m3
EAN Code 8421776118447
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Dimension HOOK Black portable lamp HOOK Black portable lamp HOOK Black portable lamp HOOK Black portable lamp HOOK Black portable lamp
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