PLUMA lights an open kitchen

The team of Llavaneres Llums is responsible for carrying out this project in Premià de Mar. It is a family residence with an open kitchen and an integrated dining table.


For the general lighting, the TECTO white ceiling lights have been chosen to give light to the work area and thus allowing to cook with comfort and without visual problems. A homogeneous and sufficient general lighting will help the inhabitants to cook without lack of light problems.


On the counter, the LED strips are perfectly integrated into the furniture, providing light without shadows and they do not take up space. It is a good option to give an extra light to dark corners.

Finally, in the dining area, we find two black, with golden interior, PLUMA pendant lights, designed by Nahtrang. These luminaries fit in with the minimalist style of the kitchen and their color contrasts with the white of the furniture.

The set is a warm and comfortable kitchen, perfect for daily use and the enjoyment of the whole family.