Pluma in Home for Susan

Home for Susan is a project by Studio Bunyik; it’s a flat in Budapest where they made a rehabilitation and turned the place into a home.


In this case, the housing is much more feminine than the previous Home for Tamas project.

The main room and the alma mater of this flat is the living room with integrated kitchen. On this occasion, the wooden floor gives warmth to the whole home and, therefore, the walls are white to give luminosity.

The open kitchen consists of an island that allows a small separation between the living room and the working area. On that island, we find three PLUMA pendants, a Nahtrang design.


The use of white pendants gives a feeling of spaciousness and its golden interior gives warmth to the light that matches the thick carpet of the living room and reinforces the goal of the project, turning it into a home.

PLUMA has a small opening on one side and that makes it original as well as timeless, since its straight and minimalist style is a long-term success.

For the general lighting of the rest of the house round LED recessed lamps have been used so that the electricity consumption is lower and therefore more efficient.


The use of recessed lamps is a good option because they are integrated into the ceiling and the space seems wider and cleaner, without distractions.

The result is a warm and comfortable flat, with a strong presence of wood and a homogeneous light in all rooms and focal light points to improve visibility and adapt to the needs of each moment.