PAULINE, the undisputed queen of a house in Gipuzkoa

Klaus Eibar was responsible for the complete renovation of a family home in Gipuzkoa. The building is old, although it has good natural lighting. To reinforce the light when the sun sets, the studio has relied on the lamps of Faro Barcelona.


At the entrance, next to the sliding door, we find the LINDA wall lamp that welcomes the visitor with a pleasant and warm light.


In the living room, the beige OVO wall lamps give a timeless style to the classic and functional decoration of the room. This wall lamp whose diffuser is mobile, allows to adjust the beam of light. Finally, at the dining room table and attracting all eyes is PAULINE by Nahtrang; a pendant with a wooden structure and LED light source.


An original way to provide light to the living room table with a modern touch that perfectly matches the Nordic-style table and chairs.

A family home with a lot of charm and an enveloping and homogeneous lighting.