For the first time Faro Barcelona is participating in the 2018 Manila Hotel Supplier Show

For the first time, Faro Barcelona participated in the 2018 Manila Hotel Supplier Show, from September 20th to 22th, with its exclusive distributor in the Philippines, Landlite.

With an incredible design, Landlite presented the new design of Faro Barcelona on a shelf that did not leave anyone indifferent. Interior designers, architects and managers of hotel facilities visited the exhibition and were interested in the different products. The HUE, VERSUS or BU-OH outdoor lamps, up to the TREE, HOTEL, STOOD or CUP collections in different versions, very functional for contract spaces were exhibit. Within the large display of Faro luminaires there were also the families MINE, WHIZZ and SIDE, the portable table lamps HOSHI and TAKE AWAY or the wall lamp with USB NIKO charger, among many others.

Innovation, design and functionality were the protagonists of the first experience of Faro Barcelona in this fair, which thanks to Landlite, was a complete success.
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The versatility of Faro Barcelona luminaires provided this home with a full range of lights

The goal of this project was to create a comfortable and functional home for all the members of the family. The person in charge of this project was Elena Castells Poch and again, she relied on Faro Barcelona to illuminate this home.

“I wanted to modernize the house, without losing its essence and personality; we have rescued many inherited furniture that has great value for them,” Elena tells us after asking about the reform.

The distribution always plays an important role in a reform and spacious rooms have been created so that all members can enjoy the home and cover all their needs.


MINE SPACE has been used for the dining room. This Nahtrang pendant combines several light sources and brings warmth and modernity to the dining room. The use of this composition of light allows us to play with the dimensionality of space and provide depth.

In the sideboard, to reinforce the light, we have the HAT table lamp with wooden structure. The wood details are present both in the living room and in the dining room and help create a warm and homely space.


In the living room, neutral colors and black luminaires stand out. The LISE LED wall light is used for the points of light in the central wall of the room and the TECTO panels have been used for general lighting.

In the corner of the living room, the LINK floor lamp of minimalist aesthetics, allows to create a point of light in the corner and is a good solution to create different environments thanks to light.


“The lighting is well studied and we have added highlights that highlight the linen textures of the whole house, the antique furniture and the wonderful paintings of the family” explains Elena Castells Poch after asking about how she chose the luminaires.

To reinforce the general lighting, the FRESH recessed lights are perfectly integrated into the ceiling and give a warm light without perfect shadows to create a homogeneous light in all the rooms.


The green corner of the room stands out; adding depth to the whole space allowing to introduce a little of the terrace to the interior. CAT laptops in black hang gracefully and stand out both from the background and the views.


If we go outside, the blank BU-OH wall light illuminates the terrace thanks to its “luminous eyes”. And to move from one place to another, BOO and its handle serve as an itinerant light.


In the rooms, the LED light fixtures stand out for easy reading in bed. The black SUAU wall lamp in one of the rooms and the white SUAU with a shelf in another of the bedrooms.


Finally, our tour ends in the third bedroom, where the STUDIO clamp in black gives originality and a youthful touch to the bed with padded headboard.


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The fans of Faro Barcelona exhibited at Lightfair International Chicago

For the first time Faro Barcelona has participated in Lightfair International (LFI) in Chicago on May 8th, 9th and 10th. “This fair is a good opportunity to know how the market works and talk with the prescribers. It is a good platform to look for new partners “explains Salvador Martí, Sales Manager of Faro Barcelona.


During this incursion in the American market, the lighting and ventilation firm has presented a wide sample of its fans. In a very original way, since some were installed on the wall so that the visitor could see the characteristics of the product, Faro Barcelona has selected ETERFAN and MINI ETERFAN, JUST FAN in copper and wood, TUBE FAN and TYPHOON.

“Our product was well received. The impact we have in this traditional market makes us position ourselves as an exclusive brand, characterized by freshness and originality “says Salvador Martí after asking about the reception of the products among visitors.


A sample of interior lighting was also exhibited together with the fans. Nahtrang MINE table lamps, awarded with the German Design Award 2018, portable HOSHI from xJeR Studio and two of the star products of Faro Barcelona, the portable HOOK by Oiko Design awarded with the Red Dot and the exclusive presentation of TAKE AWAY.
The interior selection has been complemented with some lamps designed especially for hotels and restaurants. The SUAU wall lamp in reader or reader with shelf format is a Nahtrang design and a great choice for lighting hotel rooms.

The STOOD wall lamp has been one of the most popular designs for its wooden shade. This Lúcid design has attracted the attention of interior designers and designers.

To finish the interior selection, ACADEMY. This wall lamp has a minimalist and industrial design that fits well with American tastes.


Finally, the firm has also wanted to present its outdoor luminaires. BU-OH beacons and appliqués awarded with the German Design Award 2018, SHADOW by Alex & Manel Lluscà and the STICKER beacon.

Regarding outdoor lamps, visitors could see TONE in white and black, FUTURE and the FLOW wall and spike lamp.

“The fans have made a very good impression, although the lighting has also been popular especially in reference to portable lamps and for the garden” says Alexandra Box, Export Area Manager of Faro Barcelona.

The participation of Faro Barcelona in LFI has been very positive, the number of leads and the feedback obtained indicate that it is a strong market and our presence has had a positive impact. We will continue working on positioning our products in this market.

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