ETERFAN. Sustainability. Delta Awards 2013 finalist
Publicado el 15 May, 2013 a las 9:45
ETERFAN is a breakthrough in ceiling fan design. It combines the best of traditional processes with the latest trends in fan.
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Faro Barcelona shows his philosophy in Euroluce 2013
Publicado el 18 Apr, 2013 a las 10:05
Faro Barcelona presents, as premiere in Euroluce 2013, THE COLLECTION, a new catalog that includes all the owns designs for the new season that means the final immersion of the brand in designing models both beautiful and useful.
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THE COLLECTION, the designs of Faro Barcelona
Publicado el 2 Apr, 2013 a las 10:38
The catalog is called THE COLLECTION to highlight its special character and because it is the result of 62 exciting years of learning and experience since the birth of the company.
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Faro Barcelona concerned with environmental care
Publicado el 14 Feb, 2013 a las 15:04
The EU has adopted an action plan aimed at reducing energy consumption by 20% before the year 2020. For this energy saving to be effective and lasting, the EU felt it necessary to develop more energyefficient techniques, products and services and to modify energy-consumption behaviour patterns.
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New Models 2013
Publicado el 14 Feb, 2013 a las 14:25
Our catalogue ‘FAN 2013’ we have added 11 new fans of different styles and finishes. As models VEDRA, PRAIA or NIAS.
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Faro Barcelona show the novelties at Maison & Objet
Publicado el 9 Feb, 2013 a las 15:52
Since it has done in the last nine editions, Faro Group show the novelties 2013 at Maison and Objet. For his decorative character and for being focused on an understood and demanding public,
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New catalogues FARO 2013
Publicado el 9 Feb, 2013 a las 14:57
We are pleased to present our Interior Lighting, Outdoor, Fan and Bulb catalogs. You will find many new functional and decorative products of different styles, more technical information.
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