This is how we light up a hotel room
Publicado el 24 Apr, 2020 a las 17:26
These days, the project department of Faro Barcelona is teaching us tricks. Today, we entered the room area of a hotel. A real challenge!
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Lighting in restaurants
Publicado el 18 Apr, 2020 a las 10:36
When the confinement is over, one of the places we’re sure to visit again is the restaurants. Spain is a country of high gastronomic standards and as such, so are many of the places where you can enjoy food.
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We reopen our warehouse
Publicado el 14 Apr, 2020 a las 9:01
After a month of logistic inactivity, next Wednesday April 15th we will reopen our warehouse to be able to continue offering you the best service.
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The good weather is here! Let’s talk about outdoor lighting
Publicado el 9 Apr, 2020 a las 11:52
Now that the good weather arrives, and while we wait to have guests, let’s look at the lighting in the garden or on the terrace.
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Bathroom lighting
Publicado el 3 Apr, 2020 a las 11:26

This time we are focusing on a space that we rarely stop to look at but which is very important and of daily use: the bathroom. And as it is important, so is the lighting.
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How to light up your working area
Publicado el 29 Mar, 2020 a las 12:39
In order to be able to concentrate, establish a good dynamic and make the most of the resources we have, we bring you seven tips to light up your desk.
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Faro Barcelona and ProtoPixel join in the latest edition of Llum BCN
Publicado el 2 Mar, 2020 a las 10:40
In mid-February Barcelona became the city of lights, design and technology thanks to the ninth edition of the Llum BCN festival.
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We opened a new showroom in Madrid with docontract MAD
Publicado el 2 Mar, 2020 a las 10:01
A new showroom dedicated for home and contract equipment brands opened in Madrid with the Faro Barcelona lighting.
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Welcome to Espacio Princesa
Publicado el 28 Feb, 2020 a las 11:33

A few days ago we officially opened Espacio Princesa, a showroom in the centre of Barcelona. A place to feel, share and learn.
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LOTUS is awarded the If Design Award
Publicado el 20 Feb, 2020 a las 8:25

LOTUS, the outdoor lighting collection designed by Estudi Ribaudí, has been awarded the If Design Award, an important recognition from the design and innovation sector.
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