5 common mistakes which make remote working complicated
Publicado el 12 Feb, 2021 a las 12:02
We seem to have become accustomed to teleworking, but are we doing everything right? New challenges to achieving productivity and well-being and some mistakes to watch out for are emerging.
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Faro Barcelona commits to honest sustainable design in its new 2021 catalogue
Publicado el 27 Jan, 2021 a las 11:28
Learn from the difficulties of 2020 and look forward. With this declaration of intent, the Faro Barcelona presents its new catalogue.
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Turn your new flat into a home
Publicado el 18 Nov, 2020 a las 15:46
The pandemic has made us reframe many things about our everyday life. There are many people who have decided to embark upon a new stage in a different place.
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Eat, dazzle, love
Publicado el 27 Oct, 2020 a las 9:40
We talked to the culinary critic Alejandro Biel from Gastrobarna about the best restaurants in Barcelona, his passion for cooking and the importance of light when working.
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Meeting the designer Andreu Carulla
Publicado el 26 Oct, 2020 a las 16:04
The renowned designer Andreu Carulla is collaborating with GUEST for the first time. To find out more about him, we asked him what the newspaper library has to say about him.
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Espacio Princesa is now featured in the AD guide
Publicado el 8 Oct, 2020 a las 10:52
The Faro Barcelona showroom, located at Calle Princesa 52 in Barcelona, has come to form part of the prestigious guide of the magazine Architectural Digest.
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Sustainable shipping is possible with Faro Barcelona and Nozama Green
Publicado el 2 Jul, 2020 a las 10:27
A few months ago we closed the collaboration agreement with Nozama Green, the company that makes sustainable deliveries.
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Tips to light up a terrace
Publicado el 18 Jun, 2020 a las 15:54
We follow the advice of our project team, which, like most, is also keen to enjoy the outside of the home whatever its size.
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Reopening of Espacio Princesa
Publicado el 9 Jun, 2020 a las 15:14
For Faro Barcelona the most important thing is people, their health and safety. For this reason, we have taken all the sanitary measures recommended by the authorities.
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How to choose your ceiling fan
Publicado el 18 May, 2020 a las 17:04
If you have known us for a long time you will know that our wide range of ceiling fans is one of the best on the market. We offer comfort.
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