Mix, the pendant lamp that illuminates the Vori Bistro Burger at El Prat

A MIX fun combination, in black and white, located at the Vori Bistro Burger at El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). This lamp, designed by Alex & Manel Lluscà, provides warmth to the burger shop while adding a modern and casual touch. lamparas-mix-grande-vori-bistro-burguer On the 50s style tables by the entrance door, typical of American coffee shops, we can find the big MIX model in black. On the contrary, in the rest of the tables, the choice was to use the small and white model of the same lamp. The pendant lamp not only provides a familiar touch because of its wooden accents and dim light, but also its metallic structure that gives it an industrial personality that is perfect to illuminate contract spaces. lamparas-mix-vori-bistro-burguer The combination of the MIX designer lamps provide the establishment with an original and fun style, ideal to enjoy meals in a nice and warmly lit place that invites people to have meaningful conversations.