Meeting the designer Andreu Carulla

Andreu Carulla is a renowned Catalan designer who has worked with important firms and has won various design awards. At Faro Barcelona he is collaborating for the first time with the GUEST lamp and to find out about him, we asked him what the newspaper archive has to say about him. 1. Have you ever wondered what comes out of you if you search the web? One of the things that is most often repeated is the illusion you had as a child to be an inventor. What was your first creation?

The truth is that I wonder what is being said about my work, not about me, which in fact is what matters. There is a kind of natural selection of what generates more interest, and it is constantly changing.

It’s true that as a child I wanted to be an inventor; in fact it’s still what I want to be. My first creation was not such, but on the contrary, a destruction; I dismantled the objects we had around the house and they were never reassembled in the same way. My father still reminds me of this.

2. In an interview published in the newspaper ABC, you explain that for you design should serve to ‘make products more sustainable, effective and efficient’. How did you translate this into the design of the GUEST lamp?

The GUEST lamp complies with the first principle of eco-design: reduce. In this case, the multifunctionality of the lamp helps to reduce the number of elements to be used in a room: light and table in the same object. 3. According to the New York Times style magazine ‘T magazine’, the fact that your studio is in Bañolas, a small town in the province of Girona, allows you to create and carry out designs ‘in proximity’ without being in a hurry. How important is this for you?

For me it is indispensable. Today you are permanently connected, so you are never isolated, I just take distance. Living in the village helps me make the most of my time and spend it where it’s needed most; in the same day I can go swimming in the morning, accompany my children to school, work 9 hours and come home in time to be with my family.

4.In your Instagram profile (@andreucarulla) we can find pieces of all kinds that you are working on. Where do you find inspiration?

This is a recurring question, in fact I believe that “divine” inspiration does not exist, everything comes from hard work and sickly observation of the environment. I am a compulsive observer.