Made and three projects with Faro Barcelona

The architecture and design studio Made has relied on Faro Barcelona’s luminaires for three of its latest projects.

Both deal with modern and minimalist style city housing rehabilitations. For the “Escurçant el camí” project, a house with long corridors and with little natural light, they have chosen the polished aluminium lamp SQUAD, that allows to place the light on specific areas and to illuminate this space between rooms. They have also thought of SQUAD for the “Let’s patchwork” project but this time as a spot of light in the dining room, in the common area of ​​the couch and television. Its rectangular, vertical and narrow design camouflages perfectly in the space providing a warm and pleasant light.

In the main room and, keeping the modern and minimalist style, they have installed the KAILUA ceiling fan with LED light. Fans are a very good choice for the bedroom as they are quiet, efficient and do not dry the air. For the third project, “Hexamood”, they have relied again on Faro Barcelona for the ceiling lamps. This time with the model SVEN, cylindrical and modern, which lights and complements functional and decorative furniture. It’s a dwelling with open spaces, so the ceiling lamps also help to connect the different spaces. Finally, in the kitchen the recessed lamps are responsible for giving prominence to this room; designed to welcome the whole family and surprise by its modern and functional design.