LINK elegantly lights up the Pol & Grace Hotel

The bedroom is an important place, especially if it’s in a hotel. Pol & Grace has rooms with comfy beds and headboards lit by LINK wall lamps.

Link en las habitaciones de Pol&Grace Hotel

A lamp designed by Estudi Ribaudí, with minimalist style and projected light, is perfect for reading in bed, lighting up the room at dusk or lying down without being bothered by direct light. LINK also perfectly combines with this 4 star hotel’s design. Each room is a nod to Barcelona and Faro Barcelona, a firm with Barcelona DNA, is the most obvious choice to supply the lighting. Bang in the centre of the Sant Gervasi-Sarrrià neighbourhood is the Pol & Grace Hotel, whose main purpose is to make its guests feel at home. This hotel, whose intention is to provide guests with friendly service and comfort, was born of this premise. Its confessed love for Barcelona means that each floor has a different theme: history, leisure, culture, sensations… etc. The common areas co-exist with the rooms—a clear example that this hotel promotes harmonious living and wants the guests’ stay to be a souvenir of not just the city, but also the people.

Link en el lobby de Pol&Grace Hotel

In the hotel lobby you will find another of our LINK lamps, this time on the lounge floor; a good option for conveying warmth without losing any style. Its design makes LINK the perfect candidate to light up the reading area or form part of the common area, where guests relax after a hard day’s sightseeing. The lobby is split into four zones: Blackboard focuses on the city’s points of interest, an alternative route for getting to know Barcelona; the Library is where you can leave a book and pick another one up; the Exhibition zone has local works of art; and finally the Do It Yourself zone. An atmosphere of tranquility, modernity and cosmopolitanism exists between its recently re-formed walls. Neutral colours, whites and blacks, and extensive spaces with large windows so that you don’t miss a moment of Barcelona life. Blackboard Pol & Grace is the dream of a young couple whose great passion is Barcelona. Pol is a Barcelona native, an architect who loves urban gardens, and Grace is a young Londoner and booklover, who is all about the detail. The hotel is the combination of both of them.