LINDA AND LULA light this house in Barcelona

Two luminaries with a woman’s name light this apartment located in Barcelona that is the result of the work of the multidisciplinary team of Iloftyou. This studio has a professional experience in interior design to create and transform living areas.

From Barcelona, they provide solutions where a creative and economic design prevails. They seek comfort and practicality, based on the rationalization and optimization of resources.

linda_habitacion_juvenil For this apartment located in Barcelona, they have used two of Faro Barcelona’s most well-known luminaries. For the general lighting of the living-dining room and of the youth bedroom, the LINDA wall lamps have been used. With its white structure and shade, they integrate perfectly in the environment and its versatility fits in both styles.

lula_iluminacion_salon In the living room, we find Marina Mila’s LULA in its two sizes. For this room, they have chosen the black and the white. The style is minimalist and very functional. The two luminaries bring warmth together with the selection of plants.

Finally, on the dining table, the PAPUA floor lamp gives original light to that area. Its height and the diffusion of the light allows to illuminate evenly, but at the same time creates a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.