Lighting project bar-restaurant Hotel Axel


Such a raised disposition of the roof of the place forces us to modify the light ETER obtaining this way a very theatrical light effect that integrates the bar perfectly into the space turning it to be a piece to be emphasized in the decoration of the place.


The linear and symmetrical ETER disposition on the bar gives the place the perfect balance between ambience and lighting.

The craft stands out in ETER, its extract and modern combining the handmade process of the glass Pyrex blown in a workshop craftsman of the region of the Maresme with a type of lighting of avant-garde.

Its light source lodges in a lace of the crystal lampshade blown Pyrex guaranteeing 50 watts of light potency thanks to a halogenous lamp QR111.

The cable of electrical connection is covered by a red fibre highlighting the transparence of the blown crystal. The rosette of chrome steel lodges the gear necessary for the functioning of the light source.

To save the height of the roof we have used the projector GLOP, characterized by its minimal design and reduced dimensions that one integrates perfectly with the decoration of the restaurant.


These projectors are adjustable what has allowed us to adapt the light to the different needs of the space.

The model Glop stands out for its rounded forms and for the contrast that it takes place between the transparence, the chrome and the red fibre of the wiring.

The structure of the models is composed, principally, of crystal blown Pyrex and chrome, its light source is an halogenous lamp QR-111 of 50 watts max. and the cable of electrical connection is covered with red fibre.