Lighting in restaurants

When the confinement ends, one of the places that we will surely visit again are the restaurants. Spain is a country of high gastronomic level and as such, many of the places where you can enjoy food are also of high level. Of course, we are going to focus on lighting.

The general rule for lighting a restaurant is to match the architecture of the space. In addition to this standard, our basic premise is added: to illuminate only where it is needed, respecting the need of each corner:

The tables have to be well lit when they are occupied and when they are not, therefore we recommend recessed or surface mounted and adjustable luminaires. Thus, if the arrangement of these in the space changes, we ensure that they remain well lit. We only recommend pendant lights for fixed tables.

The DEEP model is perfect for this type of lighting. It is available without a frame so that the luminaire is fully integrated into the ceiling and its orientation is internal, this together with the bee panel, greatly increases lighting comfort in the room.

The bar is also an important space to highlight. We want to differentiate between two types:

– The bar also includes an over-bar that can be illuminated with the same built-in ones that we mentioned for the tables. As in this case we will have the luminaires closer to the clients we recommend our FOX model because it is small and effective.

– The bar that does not have an over-bar can be very well illuminated with suspension lamps. In that case we can do two things:
1. Project a general lighting that ‘accommodates’ the entire bar with luminaires such as the MINE model.
2. Focus the lighting only on the area where the client will be placed with a suspension luminaire such as the STAN model. In this case if you also want to highlight another space we can install a recessed LED strip under the counter. For passing areas it is important to consider choosing more open opening angles and low powers, so they will not stand out above the bar or tables.

In addition, as a decorative and complementary way, we recommend large format sconces that can also serve to illuminate some fixed tables such as WHIZZ and SLIM lamps.

And one last tip on how to light a restaurant: it is important to control the regulation of all of them to adapt their light according to your needs, threfore, a good option is to use the CASAMBI technology that you can also find in the Faro luminaires (those indicated as’ SMART ‘). It is an easy and comfortable home automation control program that allows the luminaires to be controlled from the mobile independently. So you can regulate it according to the needs of each client, corner or moment.