The lamps of Faro Barcelona illuminate a chalet in Moscow

Belisama Lighting Studio is behind the project of this particular dwelling located 40 Km away from Moscow. In order to illuminate the different rooms, the studio has used the lamps of Faro Barcelona to provide warmth. For this chalet, they have chosen minimalistic lamps that contrast with the wood that covers the walls and the floor. link and tecto lighting corridor At the entrance, we find TECTO ceiling lamps for a general lighting that is perfect to provide homogeneous light to the room. To accentuate paintings and mirrors, the LINK wall lamp with two bulbs is the choice for focused lighting. The busiest areas are the kitchen and the dining area, which are the soul of most houses. In these areas, we find PAM hanging lamps over the kitchen island and over the dining table. The set is perfect given that in the kitchen, it stresses the horizontality and in the dining room, it creates an original contrast with the round table. pam hanging lamp On the wall, and illuminating the paintings, in this case, we can find the single-bulb LINK wall lamp that provides the perfect beam to highlight the decorative elements. The use of LINK at the entrance and at the hall provides continuity to the different rooms In the master bedroom, we can find the CELIA lamp, which, thanks to its articulated frame, can be directed to provide environmental lighting as well as to act as a reading light. celia bedroom lighting Finally, in the bathroom, we can find the TOLA ceiling lamp light, with an IP44 rating, ideal for this room because its protection index allows it to be near humidity. tola bathroom lighting   Interior Designer: Yulia Savelyeva
Photographer: Anna Lobanova