JUST FAN fans for an attic with great views

This attic located in Valencia not only stands out for its views, but for the decoration carried out by Ideas Interiorismo. This team is responsible for the magnificent decoration and change of the room; partitions have been demolished and have managed to get Valencia into this home.


For lighting and ventilation have had Faro Barcelona. In the main room the touches of color bring brightness and freshness to the environment. Floors and walls of neutral tones, except the one that leads to the bedroom that stands out for its yellow color.

As the study tells us, “indirect lighting on ceilings, walls and decorative elements emphasizes colors and creates a serene atmosphere at night”.

To help the ventilation of the room and achieve the desired well-being both in winter and in summer, two JUST FAN fans have been installed with the short stem to remove the air.

just fan_juego_colores

Its transparent blades and its metallic body fit perfectly, as well as its modern style, he joins and at the same time surprises with the sofa and the giraffe.


In the outdoor area, the LANDAI recessed lights are integrated into the wall and its narrow beam of light produces a dim and optimal lighting play to enjoy the terrace.


Photografy: Kike Jaen