Faro Barcelona illuminates the Houzz space at Casa Decor

From May 19th through June 26th, Faro Barcelona will be in charge of illuminating the Houzz space, located at number 34 of Madrid’s Atocha Street (34 calle Atocha). The ancient lordly palace has been transformed to be featured at Casa Decor, an event dedicated to interior decoration and design.

For this occasion, Faro illuminates the kitchen, the living room and the deck, following the design preferences. The kitchen will be fused with other rooms to become the soul of the house, in accordance with the tendencies for 2017.

pauline colgante ilumina el comedor For this event, the Barcelonese company along with Iván Meana, Project Director, have been in charge of providing lighting to the interior design by Nimú, which features a coloristic kitchen that opens into the deck.

Our PAULINE pendant lamp commands the dining room while the LINK lamps and the AKANE table lamp are the main characters of the resting area. On the deck, the CAT portable lamp by Nahtrang and the GROW wall lamp by Estudi Rubaudí shine with their own light.

Iluminacion terraza houzz All of the elements match with the minimalistic and joyful style envisioned by the Houzz team in collaboration with brands such as: Murelli, Hisbalit, Sancal, Gandiablasco and Velux.

The result is a welcoming space featuring pleasant general lighting and an environment that allows for the spaces to be defined and for the lights and shadows to be adapted to the individual needs of each moment.