How to prepare your house for summer with Pía Capdevila

The interior designer tells us about her tips to have a comfortable, cool home in summer. Taking refuge in her house in Empordà and reading a good book on her porch are all Pía Capdevila needs. While as a girl she spent her summers by the sea, it is in the middle of the countryside where she now feels she can relax and switch off.

This interior designer, who has been working on design, architecture and decoration projects for over 10 years, defines her style as very much her own. She likes working with basics and neutrals, in order to then add colour with fabrics and patterns, and needs to know the space and her clients very well in order to start drawing and imagining.

Coolness and naturalness

Summer for her is a mojito and plans to spend time with her loved ones. And when it comes to decorating, she goes for natural fibres and colours with their own light like yellow, which is very fashionable this season. She also recommends turquoise and coral, using lights and light bulbs for chill out areas, cane materials, light fabrics as bases and fruits and plants as table centrepieces.

“Mixing is done more during summer! You need to avoid textiles that are not fresh or that are heavy; the rest is allowed. The sun puts us in a good mood.”

It must be silent

And following this style mantra, we delve into one of her latest projects, a small duplex in a coastal town. Using white as the base, the wooden elements like the floor and some furniture create a much more open and calm space. The colour turquoise also provides contrast and personality. The ECO INDUS fan stands out in the centre of the dining room, which with its design adapts to the interior designer’s summer essentials: “I’m looking for it to integrate perfectly with the ceiling and go unnoticed.”

Speaking of ventilation, Pía recommends the Panama style fans for the porch and tells us that for her the fan must be silent.

This might be why she chose the MINI MALLORCA model for the renovation of her own house in Empordà. In an amazing renovation project, the interior designer has managed to design a space that is open to nature, comfortable and calm. The white fan with maple wood blades is the perfect accompaniment to the decor of neutral tones and natural elements of the wicker or cane objects, and at the same time allows the dining room to be cooled and prepared for a siesta or some quiet relaxation time.

Wellbeing, in the end, is what we are all looking for in our homes and in our everyday lives. At Faro Barcelona we believe that it is the most important thing for people and we think about how an object can make you feel, live and connect with your lifestyle. Working with the best interior designers and amazing projects allows us to accompany people in their summers.