How to light a Nordic bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important elements of our home. This area becomes a sanctuary and its design will helps us achieve the peace necessary for a good sleep.

Erika Suberviola ES Interiorismo & Feng Shui is responsible for this very romantic and Nordic style project.


The main wall is papered with a geometric pattern in neutral and pastel tones. The furniture like the headboard is simple, functional and gives a touch of white to provide a little more light.

To light up the bedroom, the HAT desktops from Faro Barcelona are responsible for the ambient light. A warm temperature LED bulb is perfect to create a relaxed atmosphere to induce sleep.


Highlights the chest of drawers with uneven drawers and the round mirror in black and leather strip, “the distinctive and original pieces are those that bring a unique touch and mix all the elements in a harmonious bedroom” says Erika Suberviola.

The wooden floors and the black and white tribal patterned carpet are the final point of this bedroom.