FLASH and a new modern farm

We travel to Italy to see the project led by DeltaStudio, which has turned a village farm into an authentic design house.

“The old farm is renewed and expanded, it becomes a house, a refuge. Simple and compact, it accepts the needs of a modern life in close contact with nature “, this is how its architects define the project, that they have designed the interior part without forgetting the environment that surrounds them and giving great importance to natural light and colours outside. The result is a minimalist space that looks towards the field. In the lighting highlights the black FLASH wall lamp of Faro Barcelona, placed in the main room and next to the bed. Thanks to its fine lines design it perfectly matches the style of the entire house. In addition, it is a good resource as a reading light thanks to the round screen that can be oriented.

A minimalist style wall lamp ideal to illuminate the readings before going to sleep, when light and nature also end the day around this renovated farm.