Faro Design lamps in the New Hotel Colon

The design lamps Vesper, Link and Sweet are responsible for the lighting in the rooms of the New Hotel Colon in Mataró. The reform project of this hotel is the result of the work and collaboration of the interior design studios Concepción Padilla and Onikot. lampara_sweet_habitacion_new_hotel_colon “Functionality, just as elegance and excellence in every corner”, this is how the hotel is conceptualized and our models fit perfectly with this premise. The lamps chosen for the 48 rooms of the hotel, are part of our catalog The Collection, where all the author’s models are gathered. lampara_vesper_habitacion_new_hotel_colon The Sweet and Link design fixtures, of Estudi Ribaudí, and the reader fixture Vesper of Nahtrang are the ones responsible for providing warmth in the illumination of these spaces. Elegant lamps, but also practical and functional that, placed in the headboards, solve the problem of space in the bedside tables. lampara_lass_baño_habitacion_new_hotel_colon Besides these design fixtures, other Faro lamps have been used in the reform of the New Hotel Colon. Among others, you can find Lass fixtures in the bathrooms of the rooms or recessed for general lighting. Furthermore, the Newport outside fixtures, designed by Estudi Ribaudí, illuminate the entrance and bring a touch of nautical inspiration to this hotel, located at just 150 meters from the beach.