Faro Barcelona releases its new catalogues for 2017

Faro Barcelona presents its new catalogues for 2017. Once more the company remains committed to design and ingenious ideas. Result of this constant innovation and of our collaboration with designers, we have created products that fit in a multitude of spaces, perfect both for home as shops.

faro-barcelona-2017 Under the slogan New Lighting Concepts, a series of luminaires that meet different features have been developed, creating objects designed for the everyday life.

This year, are joined as collaborators the designers Goula/Figuera, Cristopher Frederich Wagner and Lúcid that present design families both for home as for the outdoor. In addition, are still collaborating with us Nahtrang, Estudi Ribaudí, Alex & Manel Lluscà or xJeR Studio, among other.

This year, in the Indoor Catalogue we can find new families like SIDE and its multiple combinations, LAO, WHIZZ and FLASH, as well as the wall lamps NIT and the warmth of MINE.

This year are incorporated new finishes to already existing families and quite beloved by the public as is the case of VESPER or SUAU.

In reference to our proposal for outdoor lighting we can find the original family BU-OH composed of two wall lamps and two beacons, STICKER and its wide diffuser perfect for the outdoor, as well as HUE, an elegant and timeless collection ideal for gardens and terraces.

This year’s Ventilation Catalogue incorporates 41 developments designed to meet the needs of different spaces. We highlight the new finishes of LANTAU and LANTAU-G, as well as a great selection of DC motor fans and for the outdoor, such as, TYPHOON or WINCHE.

2017 is also the year of the birth of TUBE, a fan with ETERFAN aesthetic, but with a cylindrical body that can be customizable.

And how could it be otherwise, our Catalogue of Bulbs grows. The star is the LED and its improvement in lumens with regard to the consumption. As an innovation, the color bulbs perfect for a Bohemian touch to the visit.

Finally, the FARO PRO catalogue completes the development list of Faro Barcelona. This year, we add the NANO models of some of the existing designs, as well as the SIGMA family and a set of recessed luminaires to complete the offer. The efficiency and the lumens of the other models are improved. These new products reinforce our commitment in the lighting of contract and hospitality spaces. New Catalogues