Faro Barcelona provides light to this house in Chile

Estructura cristal proyecto Zapallar

This house is located on the coast of Chile, specifically in Zapallar in Los Boldos Park. The project has been selected by the Venice Architecture Biennial 2018 for the Young Architects in Latin America exhibition.

Estructura de cristal y hormigón

It has been designed by the architect Juan Eduardo Salinas together with Balazs Rose, collaborating architect of the SUN architects studio.

The house is located in an incredible place, with beautiful views to the beach and the sunset creating an atmosphere that is difficult to improve. The structure had to connect perfectly with the park and integrate with nature.


Light and solid at the same time; its structure of stone and concrete joins a work of wood and transparencies that endows it with that lightness typical of dreams.

400m2 including terraces, six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a family of children and grandchildren.

Homs aplique terraza

To illuminate the porch and the common areas we find the HOMS wall lamp whose body can be adjusted and create different lighting games. HOMS of white and minimalist colour fits with the space and adapts to that lightness that pretends.

homs aplique salon

In the living room and the dining room they are integrated to the columns. A simple and minimalist wall lamp whose finish matches perfectly with the wooden structure

Iluminacion dormitorio

Distributor: Opendark. Light&Life

Photograph: Nico Saieh