Faro Barcelona outdoor lighting for this family home

This project of Segah. Designs and Projects intended to unite different areas of the house and give it brightness and a feeling of spaciousness.

The house consists of two terraces that provide natural light to the rooms. However, when the sun sets it is necessary to light it properly in order to enjoy these areas.
baliza_balda_terraza On the main terrace BALDA serves as decorative lighting. The different sizes create a nice set of lights that welcome the visitors with a pleasant warm light.

For the outdoor path up to the ladder, the DAS beacon points the way with its beautiful beam. Its structure draws the silhouette of the beacon, but the light is diffused by the empty part, an original way to shed light on this area.

DAS iluminacion sendero Finally, upon entering the house a magnificent set of lights welcomes us. OVO white, in two different sizes, embraces the visitor thanks to its indirect lighting that allows the transition from the outside to the inside without changing the light too abruptly.

OVO da la bienvenida