Faro Barcelona lights the 3* Quinta Real Hotel

This project was undertaken by TechLuz Iluminación, distributors of Faro Barcelona, last year and the aim was to provide a lighting project suitable for the terrace of the 3* Quinta Real Hotel located in Huétor Vega, Granada.


This magnificent rural hotel is situated in a house dating from 1942 that is in the middle of Huétor Vega. A comprehensive renovation was carried out to achieve greater comfort while preserving the original essence of the building.

Once this renovation was completed, the right lighting was required, not only with regard to the style but also to suit the space’s needs.

The terrace, one of the hotel’s most impressive parts, enables the guest to enjoy the views and the light had to enrich the nighttime experience. For this, the VERSUS-E light fixture provides a warm light without dazzling or eclipsing the views and at the same time integrates into the space thanks to its structure.


VERSUS-E is a classic outdoor table lamp, but its material and production process make it a renovated classic. Like the hotel, this light fixture has a classic shape, but provides the terrace with freshness and modernity, and adapts to the 3* Quinta Real Hotel’s style.