Faro Barcelona lights and fans at For You Hostel Sevilla

The Zenit Hoteles interior design team oversaw the decor and lighting at For You Hostel Sevilla.


The hostel has a hip and modern style, very in tune with its young, cosmopolitan patrons. The colour white dominates and is combined with fine materials such as wood, marble and the cement floor tiles.

The reception is located in an indoor courtyard and Alex&Manel Lluscà HELMET wall lights take care of the general lighting of the area. These wall lights are IP44 so their installation in this area is appropriate and practical.

To accompany the lighting, the Faro Team WINCH fans fulfill two functions. The first is to provide lighting and the second is to ventilate the area and provide a sensation of coolness; an efficient way to cool down Seville’s high temperatures.


Once guests walk through its doors, they have several common areas where they can enjoy their stay to the max. Once the corridor and outdoor areas are lit, we can see the CRIPTA multi-use wall light. This light fitting has an industrial aesthetic that combines well with HELMET. It can also be used as a ceiling light.


In the kitchen, living room, corridors and bathrooms, the Zenit Hoteles team chose NEON recessed lighting with LED technology. It is efficient and fits perfectly on the surface, so its discretion is ideal for any style of room.


In the bar-dining room, we can see NEWPORT wall lights in white, an Estudi Ribaudí design. These lights are reminiscent of sea port lighting, but their grille diffusor is in keeping with the style of HELMET and ESTAY.


In the common areas we can also see PLOT projectors in white. The tracks and arrangement of the projectors enable the area to be lit overall, but being able to point the projector means that it can be adapted if the requirements change.

We can also see this lighting system throughout the hostel, but with RING projectors and their retro design instead of PLOT projectors.


Finally, in the rooms we can see Goula/Figuera NIT wall lights. Thanks to their shape, they can be used as shelves and their light allows for reading or ambient lighting.


In the dorms, each bed has a TOLUCA wall light to meet each guest’s need without the light affecting the other roommates.


Photography: Elena Blanco