Faro Barcelona illuminates these 3 residences

Baobarq is an architecture and interior design studio responsible for these 3 residences. Two located in Madrid and a third one in Ibiza.


The first house, located on the white island, has undergone a comprehensive reform both inside and outside. The building dates back to the 70s and for that reason its essence was respected and indirect lighting was proposed in the common areas. The façade is illuminated in such a way that the scenography of each of the environments is emphasized: main access, gardens, staircase and common interior areas.


The LACRE wall lamps are integrated into the dry stone walls of Ibiza providing light to the main entrance.

At the main staircase SEDNA-2 units in dark grey have been installed. For the garden, the TONI stakes of Alegre Design allows highlighting decorative elements, as well as mark the route.


To finish this residence, OSLO wall lamps were used to illuminate common indoor areas. Its simple and elegant structure fits with space and allows creating a warm atmosphere without many ornaments.

If we move to the capital we can see two of Baobarq’s projects. The first is a comprehensive reform in a two-storey townhouse located in a historic neighbourhood of Madrid.


The goal of the project was to transform this house of the 60s into a house with open spaces, common areas on the ground floor and take advantage of natural light.


The lighting of the house has been made with the OSLO wall lamps for the interior and dark grey LACRE for the exterior facades.

For the interior, the RADON spotlights, white and adjustable, have been installed in the false ceilings. In addition, the LED strips provide a little more light, but have been integrated into the pits, being partially hidden, provide extra light in the rooms.


The last of the residences is located in the centre of Madrid and on this occasion the order was a partial reform.

The goal was to transform the rooms into more functional spaces, especially the bathrooms and the kitchen.


Some partitions have been removed so that natural light is distributed more efficiently. To add light to the space when natural light is not enough, the adjustable white RADON recessed luminaires have been chosen for these common areas.


The white colour of the lighting and the walls has been completed with walls with patterned papers that add colour and modernity to the entire residence.


Photograph: Álvaro Parra