Faro Barcelona illuminates the rooms of the Lux Grand Gaube hotel

The Lux Grand Gaube hotel is located in Mauritius and although it has an enviable location, its rooms are not left behind.

VK Design has been the studio in charge of decorating the hotel suites and has counted on Design Place, distributor of Faro Barcelona, to illuminate the rooms of this hotel.


For the lighting of the head of the bed we find the BERNI wall lamp with reader. This Nahtrang design is adapted to the fresh and functional style of the entire hotel.

Its screen of fabric allows to diffuse the light and its reader facilitates the reading in the bed, giving the necessary light for that activity without dazzling the bed partner.


To complement the lighting of the rest of the room, there is the LINK lounge stand by Estudi Ribaudí. The black finish contrasts with the rest of the luminaires and allows to move the point of light. In this case, it is placed next to the chair and is in charge of the ambient lighting.


And finally the PLANET pendant by xJeR Studio illuminates the dresser of the room. Its minimalist aesthetic and its LED source with warm light provide a modern touch to the space.

The combination of the different luminaires allows to create a perfect atmosphere for rest or for the desired activity. The use of one to several allows to play with the amount of light and adapt to the needs and mood of the guest.