Faro Barcelona illuminates Masia La Florida

Masia La Florida has been recently rehabilitated by its manager, Inés Vilar and the project team of Faro Barcelona has been in charge of lightning the whole location.

Faro has been commissioned to carry out a lighting study to better adapt to the needs of this place and provide lighting solutions according to the activities and areas.


For exterior lighting, one of the most popular areas of La Florida, TONI spike by Alegre Design have been used. These luminaires allow to highlight certain elements and give points of light. In this case they have been installed in the trees creating a beautiful path through the garden.

To illuminate roads we find the built-in KANE, which integrate with the ground projecting a beam of light that guides the visitor throughout the journey.

empotrables kane

On the wall of the raft area, the GROW wall lamp by Estudi Ribaudí provides a perfect ambient light to enjoy evenings once the sun sets. The sconces are a good solution to reinforce the lighting of the rest of the garden.

iluminacion exterior

Illuminating the main façade are the floor-built in CURTIS which are perfect for outdoor lighting in busy areas thanks to the IK08. In the planters are the KOPEK, a wall washer that complements the exterior lighting of the Masia.


Once we cross the entrance, in the main room we find the MINI SIGMA projectors of the Faro Barcelona professional range. These rail projectors allow distributing different points of light creating a homogeneous and adaptable lighting according to the needs.


Its compact style is perfectly integrated into the living room attracting the attention without overloading the environment.

Finally, in the bathroom we find the round white built-in FRESH with IP44. Designed to light the bathroom because of its protection index they can be installed in areas with humidity.


To provide an additional spot of light in a critical area, the CLARA crystal pendant with a light bulb is installed in the dressing table. This pendant provides an elegant and delicate spot perfect to reinforce the light of this room.

The result is a homogenous general lighting with light reinforcement in some areas and the ability to adapt to the commercial needs of the Masia La Florida.