Faro Barcelona illuminates La Cuina de la Boqueria gastronomic space

La Cuina de la Boqueria is more than just a gastronomic space, it is a multi-purpose place and, as such, it requires a lighting setting that takes into consideration its different areas and the tasks that are carried out in them. Under this premise, Faro Barcelona’s Project Director, Iván Maena, has conceived this comprehensive illumination project.

iluminacion-custom-entrada The entrance is the main access to one of the most important spaces, the kitchen. To illuminate it, an oval-shaped suspended lamp was designed. The material of this custom-made lamp is varnished crude iron and it features decorative LED lights to achieve comfortable and warm lighting. Without a doubt, this lamp has a great presence and it serves as a preview of the lighting setting of all of the spaces, which reflect the singularity of each area.

To illuminate the kitchen, the chosen product was the suspended NAN track projector, in its black version, which blends in perfectly with the furniture and the decoration of this area. Five projectors in each side allow the light to be directed towards the workspaces.

Near this space, the main focal point is a bare brick wall illuminated by 2700K LED strips that provide skimming lighting. This is common in spaces where there is presence of this kind of walls, achieving an illumination that complements the rest.

Another of the most important spaces in La Cuina de la Boqueria is the dining hall. For this area, custom-made decorative lamps were designed: a large varnished crude iron circular profile with 120 cm in diameter in which two types of lighting are combined, each can be used depending of the needs of the moment.

iluminacion-zona-comedor Dimmable 5W LED lamps provide a decorative touch and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, while 8W 2700K LED lamps with a temperature of 60° provide uniform lighting, perfect for work tasks.

iluminacion-teatral-columnas-pilares Lighting can also give a space certain theatricality. This was achieved by illuminating two architectural elements, which, besides creating a decorative effect, made them relevant within the space. Some warm recessed LED lamps trace the white columns thanks to their 10° opening angle, accent lighting to illuminate an element that stands out because of its height.

This theatricality effect is also used to illuminate the bare brick pillars. The recessed LED CURTIS lamp features optical asymmetry, this way, it focus the light towards the column avoiding glare.

In this low ceiling area, NAN ceiling lamps were used. Thanks to the 100° opening LED lamps, uniform and perfect lighting is achieved for the reunions that can take place in this space.

iluminacion-zona-bajo-techo The bathroom features lighting that is both decorative and functional. In the exterior area, the MARLIN wall lamp was installed; in the interior, two types of lamps were used. As general lighting the recessed 8W LED NEU lamp was installed, which concedes the main attraction position to the decorative light provided by the ALMA suspended lamp, which uses a LED filament as light source and is located next to the mirror.

iluminacion-zona-bano Some recessed CROSBY LED lamps are the signal lights in the stairway that leads to the dining hall. In this comprehensive lighting project every detailed has been paid attention to in order to fulfill the different lighting needs of every area. foto-general-proyecto-cuinadelaboqueria