Faro Barcelona Design in the showroom of Oak 2000

Oak 2000 is a team of rehabilitation and renovation professionals with more than 30 years of experience. Its showroom, located on Calle Numancia 48 in Barcelona, is illuminated with Faro Barcelona’s design lamps.

The space recreates a home where in the dining area we find the MARGOT pendant light presiding over the table. The wood detail gives it warmth and matches the table of the same material and Scandinavian style.

salon_showroom_oak In the living room, we find 4 PAULINE pendant lights designed by Nahtrang and whose composition seen from below looks like a bouquet of sunflowers.

pauline_girasoles The pendant lights with its wooden structure and at different heights distribute the warm colored light in this area of the house where comfort prevails.

In the bedroom, we can see a very original way of lighting the headboard of the bed. On one side, the MINE pendant lamp, with one light and designed by Nahtrang, contrasts with the FUSTA wall lamp, with a more classic style and created by Alex & Manel Lluscà.

iluminacion_dormirtorio_faro_barcelona Finally, in the dressing room, the LED strips stand out that allow to light discretely. To contrast this integrated and focal lighting, the LINDA pendant light with the black structure and designed by Estudi Ribaudí is responsible for the general lighting of the room.

lindacolgante vestidor