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The new architectural collection reinforces the commitment to quality light in the service of human wellbeing


Aware of the importance of taking care of lighting and with the firm conviction to foster the culture of light to favour human comfort and wellbeing, Faro Barcelona presents its new architectural lighting catalogue. The most complete edition the firm has had to date, with more than 20 solutions that combine design and technology for lighting projects for offices, hospitality and residential. A work tool created so that architects, lighting designers and other lighting professionals can develop their projects with the best results.


Download the new Architectural 2022 Catalogue! Discover a quality light at the  service of people's well-being.



Human Centric Lighting


Light, its intensity and colour temperature play a fundamental role in the production of hormones that influence human mood, activity and sleep.


This new collection reaffirms the firm’s commitment to a lighting focused on people, known as Human Centric Lighting: a new concept that seeks to simulate, at all times, sunlight levels for the lighting of indoor spaces with the purpose of guaranteeing the wellbeing of the people who inhabit those spaces.


For this reason, Faro Barcelona launches a complete collection with endless lighting possibilities, different optics, high CRI, various color temperatures, and a variety of sizes, finishes and formats. All this to offer the best lighting solution that guarantees maximum visual comfort and more dazzle control, as well as an efficient and quality light.


All the lighting proposals maximize its performance and efficiency thanks to the incorporation of control and connectivity, called Smart Lighting.






Quality is part of Faro Barcelona’s DNA; from the conception and the product designs to the functionality and reliability tests, as well as the selection of suppliers, components and materials of leading brands, and the inspections that are conducted at all the stages of the production process.


To guarantee its compliance, the brand has implemented an ISO9001 quality management system.




Lighting services


The new Architectural Catalogue not only has a wide range of technical light fixtures, but also offers the portfolio of services that Faro Barcelona makes available to its customers.


Lighting project consulting service.


Catalogue product adaptation service or creation of fully customised solutions.




Sustainable solutions


Caring for the environment is also an essential factor of Faro Barcelona. The components of each light fixture are of the highest quality so as to lengthen the shelf life of each product and are also repairable, thereby reducing waste. The option to program and automate light systems also enables energy costs to be minimised, thereby contributing to reducing environmental impact.


Faro Barcelona’s commitment to sustainability is shared with suppliers to guarantee a more sustainable supply chain. Faro Barcelona also uses the decalogue of sustainable packaging.


Recyclable unstapled cardboard boxes printed using a single ink colour to facilitate their breaking down and optimum recycling. The use of plastic bags has also been eliminated, replacing them with recyclable paper bags and cardboard chips to properly protect the product during transportation.


You can find all the Architectural references and services on the Faro Barcelona website www.faro.es. An exclusive space for Architectural is also available at the Barcelona Showroom, calle Princesa, 52, where you can experiment with light and with the technical possibilities of the products offered by the brand.


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