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Faro Barcelona reduces its carbon footprint by 17.6% in the last three years

25 Sep 2023

Faro Barcelona achieves a significant decrease in its carbon footprint by 17.6% in the last three years. This decrease has been the result of a series of sustainable measures and practices implemented between 2019 and 2022. Such an achievement not only underlines the company's commitment to the environment, but has also enabled it to renew its ISO 14064-1 certification.


The report provided by Tecnalia, a leading entity in the verification of the environmental impact of companies, has confirmed that CO2 emissions have been minimised by 17.5% during this period.


What factors have contributed to reducing the Carbon Footprint so significantly?


The successful implementation of the following measures has made it possible to achieve these results:


  • Design and manufacture of more energy-efficient luminaires and fans, resulting in reduced energy consumption in homes, commercial spaces and hotels.
  • Encourage the design of products using materials with a lower carbon footprint and less weight.
  • The progressive implementation of modular products, which take up less storage and transport space.
  • To increase the service life of products through the use of quality materials and designs that facilitate the repairability of products.
  • Design of products that can be easily disassembled so that at the end of their life cycle their components can be separated for recycling.
  • Exclusive use of sustainable materials for the packaging of our products: cardboard printed in one ink and without staples, paper, moulded cellulose and biodegradable bags, facilitating their disassembly and correct recycling.
  • Promotion of virtual working based on widespread implementation of teleworking, and reduction in attendance at trade fairs and business trips.
  • The installation of photovoltaic panels at its work centre in Castellbisbal (Barcelona) and the contracting of green energy.



Fully aware that the road to sustainability is a continuous and never-ending process, the goals that Faro Barcelona has achieved are largely attributable to the dedication and commitment of its entire team, who see sustainability as a fundamental part of the company's culture.